Beyond Meat Beastly Avocado Cheeseburger (Vegan) – “The Beast”

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2015

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First of all – every month Beyond Meat posts coupons HERE so be sure to download a few.

Secondly, those sliders above are my Beyond Meat Vegan Beastly Nacho Cheese Sliders that I posted yesterday.  For a review of the product (which really applies to both the sliders & burgers) – read that post.

Today, I experimented with the full-sized burgers.  I made this bad boy this morning & could not resist eating it – despite the fact that it was 8am.  SO DELICIOUS.


I used the center Chao cheese seen above which did not really melt – as you can see in the photos – despite trying to increase the heat by putting a pan over the burger while it cooked.

6-29-15 (12)

6-29-15 (13)

6-29-15 (14)

6-29-15 (17) 6-29-15 (62)

I zapped a slice in the microwave for 30 seconds which destroyed it.  I zapped the cheeseburger 20 seconds and achieved little.  I stopped trying because I hate microwaves (I think they make your food toxic) and this cheese tastes REALLY good so melting was not 100% necessary.

I added avocado, tomato, Bubbie’s dill relish, red onion, lettuce, Dijon & ketchup, pickles and some sport peppers.  You can add anything you prefer – but these burgers are amazing and each patty only has 260 calories.  The Chao cheese has 60.  Healthy & vegan, kids!!!  Have a cruelty-free 4th of July!!!

6-29-15 (42)

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