DDD# 165 – Vegan Mexican Beans, Rice and Green Salsa – Part 1

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My good friend, Edi Verdugo, joins me for this two-parter to make his family’s recipes. The green salsa will be in part 2. Consider making vegan nachos using the rice, beans & salsa.

Click the link below to watch.

Vegan Mexican Pinto Beans (for the Instant Pot)


3 cups dry pinto beans

9 cups water

1 large onion – ends cut off & peeled but still whole

1-2 TBS garlic salt (to taste)

S & P to taste


Put everything in the instant pot & cook on manual for 45 minutes.

The beans will look watery but they are supposed to be. Season to taste.

Vegan Mexican Rice


1-2 TBS olive oil

1 1/2 cups long grain rice

1 (7 3/4) ounce can hot tomato sauce

1 TBS bouillon


Toast the rice in the olive oil until it becomes fragrant & looks a bit golden. Do not overcook it.

Add the rest of the ingredients & cook rice according to package directions.

One thought on “DDD# 165 – Vegan Mexican Beans, Rice and Green Salsa – Part 1

  1. My Southern tip, when cooking the pintos I would ad a bayleaf, Real garlic (so less salt), and go ahead and throw in 3 or 4 dried chilies, like Guajillo or cascabels.

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