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Check out my vegan cooking channel on Youtube!  www.VideoVegan.com

My name is Christine Elise McCarthy.  Some of you might know me as the actress I have been for 30 years (My IMDB Page) – but those of you who know me personally or through my Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter know that I am an avid cook, photographer and eater.  This site was initially devoted to food pornography – whether it was food I made myself or food I ordered at restaurants.   Generally – I try to eat economically (gourmet doesn’t have to mean expensive!) and with some deference toward healthiness but my diet inevitably evolved from a pescetarian-vegetarian to a vegan one.  I now adhere to a plant-based diet (I gave up meat in the late 1980’s – seafood & dairy & eggs were given up more recently) and I like to make as much of my meals from scratch as possible.  Many years ago – I made a few meat things for my carnivorous ex-boyfriend – so some stuff like that might show up (from the past).  Please know – there are dozens, if not hundreds, of vegetarian dishes from the earlier years here but the majority can be made vegan by simply using vegan dairy products & egg replacers.  Either way – do not be intimidated to try some of the things you see here.  Typically – the dishes here are described fancifully and, I hope, photographed lushly – but they are easier to afford and to manifest than you might imagine.   Check out my Youtube channel to watch me make them & see how easily most of them really are – www.VideoVegan.com

HERE is a link to my Pinterest account so you can see all the recipes etc that I have posted collected in a condensed format – with images.  See something you like?  Simply click it & it will lead you back to the recipe on this site.

And – Hey!  Have you heard?  I wrote a really funny & dirty novel!  www.BathingBook.com.   Check out the reviews on Amazon!  Why not buy a copy?







42 thoughts on “About Me

    • Found your site searching for things to add Cowboy candy too. The goat cheese mac is what I’m going to make. I didn’t realize who you were at first until I read your about me COOL! I’m sure your recognized for more notable stuff but me and a friend were watching Chucky the other day. God bless the internet. It brings people together in interesting ways. Thanks again

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  1. Just tried to leave a complimentary comment. WordPress asked me to login. (Why?) couldnot remember passeord. By the time I reset, the comment I had typed in was lost. It would be helpful to warn people that they will be asked to login to post comments. Annoying.


  2. Hello Christine. Do you currently have any pending personal appearances? Though I have admired you for years, I just recently studied your career and your interests.

    I live in Northern California, the San Francisco area.



      • I already follow you on Facebook.  But I am glad I received a more direct response here.


        From: Delightful-Delicious-Delovely Reply-To: Delightful-Delicious-Delovely Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 3:00 PM To: Gregory Thomas Subject: [New comment] About Me

        Christine Elise McCarthy commented: “Thank you! I do not currently have any personal appearances planned but I do attend conventions sometimes. Maybe follow me on Facebook to get alerts.”


      • Thanks for the reply! I’m already a Follower on FaceBook. Hopefully one day I will have the honor and pleasure of meeting you.


  3. I just discovered your blog after googling “Sacred Farts” after driving by it on The Blvd. So funny, I love your writing style! (And BTW- Emily Valentine is an ICON, a GODDESS, for anyone over the age of 35! She broke our hearts by making Brandon fall in love with her, but she was so cool we loved her anyway and wished she was our bestie 🙂 )


  4. Hi Christine. So excited to see you back at BH. Trying to get into plant based eating and wondering if you have any easy beginner recipes that may require 5 ingredients or less? And any that can be used with an air fryer? Thank you!


  5. If you want an autographed photo – send a self-addressed envelope large enough to hold an 8×10 WITH THE PROPER POSTAGE ON IT to Christine at the address below. If you live out of the USA – it costs me AT LEAST $5 to send an 8×10 back to you with 1st class postage. If you do not send enough postage – I cannot return your stuff. I will happily provide the photo – but you must supply the envelope & postage.

    Christine Elise
    PO BOX 2549
    Hollywood, CA 90078


  6. My dog died in my arms today and I am so heartbroken. I loved her so much. I’m telling you because I know u will understand my pain.


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