Bathing and the Single Girl by Christine Elise McCarthy

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A wonderful review of my novel – Bathing & the Single Girl!


                I must admit I bought this book only because it was written by my favorite actress Christine Elise McCarthy. She’s not just my favorite actress, I admire her for a lot more things. For acting, writing, photographing, for being a vegetarian – and for her food blog. I love the way it’s written, I love Christine’s sassy comments, and the photos she posts of the food she makes. I just think she’s a great person. However, I wasn’t quite sure at first that I wanted her book, because it’s not what I usually read. I must admit I was curious, though, and encouraged by positive reviews, so I decided to buy it.

                When I finally made this decision, it turned out they don’t mail to Poland. I considered a Kindle version for some time and reading it on my friend’s Kindle, but decided against it. I mean, a…

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