Grown-up Fireball Whiskey Cupcakes


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These guys are as easy as can be.  You could make them with your favorite “from scratch” cupcake recipe or just buy a box of cake mix.  Same with the frosting.  I had to make a dinner for 12 the other day and, as it was a dual birthday celebration – desserts were a must.  I just didn’t have time to get all fancified with these.  Or even to photograph them properly – so – pardon the bare bones effort here.

If you haven’t tried Fireball whiskey but you like a cocktail & you like to pretend you aren’t really having one – this Fireball is for you.  I cannot stomach any brown liquors or whiskey, in general, but this stuff is candy in a bottle & I promise you will NOT taste whiskey.  At all.  My badass boyfriend Miles is in town for our anniversary (today!) and he has a weakness for this Fireball elixir and I thought I’d experiment with it in cupcakes.  It worked & they were colorful & tasty & reminiscent of those fireball jawbreakers.  Try them!


Grown-up Fireball Whiskey Cupcakes


1 box of white cake mix (and the ingredients – eggs & oil – that the box outlines)

Fireball whiskey

Sprinkles of your choice

Red food coloring

Cupcake liners

For the icing

White frosting


See?  EASY!

Make the cake mix as directed but replace the water required with Fireball whiskey & then add a tablespoon or two of red food coloring.



Bake as directed.  Cool the cupcakes.


Add a TBS or two (or more if you like) of Fireball whiskey to the frosting.

Frost & decorate as you like.  Voila!




29 thoughts on “Grown-up Fireball Whiskey Cupcakes

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  3. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this post! It’s the
    little changes that will make the most important changes.
    Thanks a lot for sharing!


  4. You can’t taste the whiskey because the alcohol bakes off in the oven when the temps are raised. Now the icing on the other hand…lol


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  7. Made exactly as directions said. 3 minutes left on timer, oven made a loud popping noise and door flew open! The oven is electric not gas!!! Not sure what happened…. Cupcakes look great though.


  8. Just made these and for some reason the tops of the cupcakes were golden brown but the middle was still moist like it wasn’t cooked all the way. I even tried cooking them a little longer.. I’m not sure if that’s the way the come out or if I did something wrong. Either way I wasn’t about to serve these at my work christmas party tonight when they don’t look done.


    • Well – since my recipe suggests you use your own favorite boxed cake mix – I have no way of explaining why yours did not cook properly. Did you add water AND the whiskey? You are supposed to replace the water with Fireball. At any rate – since the only modification my recipe suggests is replacing the water with whiskey and I don’t even mention cooking times (as that is on your cake mix box) – it seems either you doubled up the water & whiskey or your oven was not to temperature or maybe you misread the box instructions?? Such a bummer! I am sorry that your holiday cupcakes were not a happy, boozy success!


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  10. Christine,
    I used your recipe for the Fireball cupcakes, to make a birthday cake for a good friend. It was a big hit with the birthday girl and her friends. Everyone loved the cake, and there were no leftovers. You came up with a great idea! Thank you!



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  13. Do you have the from scratch recipe for the cake? Bc a lot of my scratch recipes call for milk instead of water and taking that out seems like it would ruin the out come?


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  15. I made these for friends, family and neighbors this Christmas in mini cupcake form. I added cinnamon chips inside and on top of some and that was a delicious add. They were a hit with everyone, definitely keeping this one in my recipe box. Thanks for the awesome idea! Going to try champagne cupcakes for this weekend’s festivities!


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