Te’Kila Mexican Restaurant in Hollywood, California

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2013

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Te’Kila is right smack in the middle of the most touristy part of Hollywood Boulevard.  I don’t tend to spend a lot of time on the boulevard there but, frankly, this blog is forcing me out of my comfort zone – always looking for something new to write about.  Te’kila has a surprisingly pleasant environment, situated as it is on the alley that leads back to a big Victorian house that is a historic landmark now – and allegedly the oldest building in Hollywood.  I stole these pictures from Google:


HERE is a little history on the place.

At any rate – here is the alley:


And here is the outdoor seating at Te’Kila:


The prices are not too bad.  Here is the menu:


Notice the $30 burrito?   Nobody at my table ordered that but from the looks of the stuff we did order – I bet that burrito is, indeed, gigantic.

Miles ordered fajitas which, at first, seemed pricey – until they showed up.


They arrived sizzling away & were served with pico de gallo, guacamole, tortillas, black beans & rice.  Miles asked for the cheese.  There was easily enough food there for two so, at $16, it was a pretty good deal.

My friend Mike ordered the $8 garden burrito which also was huge.


And I got the $11 shrimp tacos (pictured at the top, too):


and they were fresh & delicious.

Chips & salsa & some cold beer & we were very pleased with the whole thing.


Still, despite the food being ample & delicious & pretty reasonable, the bill (with 4 beers added) came to about $65 – plus tip.  I hate when you think you are being good & then get hit with an $80 lunch tab!  Worse yet, I had parked at a 2 hour meter & paid for, I THOUGHT, 2 hours with a credit card.  I thought I got two hours for $1.  Turns out, I paid $2 for one hour.  Those fucking electronic meters can be really hard to read in bright sunlight.  Anyway – after absorbing the $80 lunch – I came back to my car to find this:


Fucking OUCH!  It really sucked because I genuinely thought I’d paid for two hours.  I even set an alarm on my phone to alert me after and hour & 45 minutes.  Grrrr!!

Anyway – despite the drama & the parking ticket, I’d still recommend Te’Kila as a great spot to eat lunch outdoors on a pretty day.