Fried Green Tomato & Mozzarella Napoleon Towers with Fresh Basil Chiffonade


All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2013

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I love fried green tomatoes.  I had my first one ever in Vicksburg, Mississippi on a cross country driving trip & I have been obsessed ever since.  Sadly – I find they are seldom well executed – even in the south.  Sometimes too bready, sometimes soggy, sometimes laden with icky cheese – whatever.   For these ones here – I intentionally skipped the three stage dredging thru flour, dipping in egg & then in breadcrumbs so that I would get the thinnest possible crust.  I used a cornmeal mix & wet tomatoes only.  Once they were frying – I removed each from the pan & again pressed them into the cornmeal because the single layer was too fragile for the hot oil.  I was very happy with the result.  If you want a breadier exterior – simply add salt & pepper to some flour in one bowl, whisked egg in another & then either this cornmeal mix or a breadcrumb (regular or panko) variation in a third – and simply coat your tomato in first the flour, then egg & then breadcrumbs – & proceed with the rest of the recipe or just eat them up on the spot.

I didn’t use a real green tomato here.  I used a fairly hard green heirloom tomato.  It worked wonderfully.  If you know where to buy green tomatoes in Los Angeles – let me know!

The quantity below was for two little towers.  Increase it at will.



Fried Green Tomato & Mozzarella Napoleon Towers

serves one


1 green tomato

1 ripe red or heirloom tomato

4 slices of fresh mozzarella or several bocconcini (slices will be easier)

1/3 cup corn meal (or breadcrumbs)

1/4 tsp sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1 tsp flour

1/4 tsp Cajun spices (optional)

Ranch dressing (optional)

oil for frying ( I used cheap olive oil)

fresh basil chiffonade (explained HERE) –  or just chop it up into ribbons for garnish


Heat your oven to 350 degrees.

Slice the green tomato so you have 4 decent 1/4 – 1/2 inch slices.  Get two equally sized slices from your red or heirloom tomato & then dice the rest for garnish.

Blend all the dry ingredients in a small bowl.


Wet the green tomato & coat with the cornmeal mix.


Heat the oil & when hot – fry the green tomatoes.  You can dip them in the cornmeal a second time during the frying process to get a better coating.  When nicely golden – remove from the oil & drain on a paper towel.


Assemble the Napoleon towers by putting two slices of fried green tomato on a greased cooking sheet.  Tom with the red or heirloom tomato then with the mozzarella then the other green tomato slices & then more mozzarella.  I spiked mine with half a wooden skewer (to hold them upright) – but toothpicks will work, too.  Bake at 350 for ten minutes or until the mozzarella is all melted.


Put on a plate, remove the toothpicks & garnish with the chopped tomato & basil chiffonade.  I watered down a few tablespoons of a good Ranch dressing & drizzled it over these but I don’t think I will in the future.  Serve!