Part 1 – Sixty or More Los Angeles Restaurants for Your Consideration

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2014

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Hi everybody!  That is me just above.  And this is the first entry in a several part recap of restaurants I have visited around Los Angeles.  This is not a complete list & some places here reflect images from multiple visits.  I am not going to get into reviewing them but I will post a link if I have blogged about specific places here in the past – and that link will likely have lots of info & more pictures (except for my earliest posts which were pretty simple).   They will be listed pretty much in alphabetical order & if there is a website for the place – I will try to supply it by making the name of the place a link to their site.   The images above are from Millie’s in Silverlake.   The beer below was at La Poubelle – a spot that is too dark to photograph with much success.  There isn’t a spot in this list that I do not recommend highly.  They span the city from East L.A. to Inglewood and all over Hollywood.  I included two spots in Santa Barbara.   It is just too fucking hot to cook this week – so I am using this heat as an opportunity to reflect.  I hope you enjoy this photo retrospective and maybe try out a few new places yourselves!


My blog about MILLIE’S is HERE.

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OK – here we go!


3 DOG CANTINA – Hollywood

3 DOG CANTINA – in my blog HERE.

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33 TAPS  – Hollywood


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54TWENTY – Hollywood

54Twenty in my blog HERE.

10-9-13 (127)

10-9-13 (133)






101 COFFEE SHOP – Hollywood

My blog about the 101 Coffee Shop.

7-16-14 (87)

7-16-14 (93)

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7-16-14 (97)

7-16-14 (100)






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BIRDS CAFE – Hollywood

My blog about Birds.

1-7-14 (4)

3-12-14 (175)

3-12-14 (178)

3-12-14 (199)

3-12-14 (235)

7-7-13 thru 7-20-13 (413)

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7-7-13 thru 7-20-13 (421)

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11-11a-13 (30)



CHEEBO – Hollywood

7-16-14 (111)

7-16-14 (114)













My blog about Davey Wayne’s.




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7-16-14 (188)



OK!  There are the first ten.  I hope you try some of them out!!! And don’t forget about my book!


The top video there is trailer for my novel.  The second is me reading from it a while back – at Vroman’s.


vromans back







Breakfast in Los Angeles Three Ways – Millie’s, Hugo’s & Alcove

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2012

I am not a huge breakfast person.  I tend to eat an early lunch & an early dinner & skip breakfast completely.  I know this is not considered good & makes you fat etc – but what can you do?  I usually work out in the mornings & I am not hungry when I wake up – so – there you have it.  Still – if I have out of town guests – the gym generally gets blown off & then breakfast is back on the table – quite literally.

One of my old school favorites is Millie’s in Silverlake.  I have been going there since about 1985-6.  I’m kind of a stickler about the word “diner” and prefer it only be used when referring to actual DINING CAR diners rather than just any shitty coffee shop. That said – I would be happy to call Millie’s a diner.  It has all the right cosmetic aesthetics & the right (and very good) food.



That is my cutie boyfriend, Miles.  Aw!

Millie’s also has a great attitude.  Check out this vintage T-shirt I have from there from way back in the day:



Service with a fuck you!  Nice!


Miles ordered pork chops & cheesy eggs.  Miles often orders cheesy eggs but this was the first time I’d seen him happy with their execution.  It seems the cheese was nicely blended in with the eggs – rather than just slapped on top & stuck under a heat lamp.


The pork chops passed muster – as did their awesome rosemary potatoes.  I ordered scrambled eggs, veggie sausage & a biscuit.


All great – especially the biscuit & the coffee served in a proper diner mug.  There is seating inside, at the counter & outside.  If you sit at the counter – you can watch your meal be prepared.  The food portions are huge & I’ve never had a bad meal here.  The Devil’s Mess is exceptional.  The only odd thing is the art displayed – I guess made by local patrons.  I’m never very impressed.  I once thought some of my roadside attraction imagery would be a perfect fit.  Check them out HERE.  I mean – come on!  4 or 5 of them – printed huge & framed?  They would kill in there.  But I was told (a few years ago) by a snarky guy that the honor of hanging at Millie’s was reserved for regulars.  If a 25 year patronage doesn’t qualify me – then fuck it.  I guess I’ll save myself the expense of printing & framing & use some of that money for Millie’s coffee & biscuits.

A few days later – we stopped by Hugo’s – in the valley.  While Hugo’s has an insanely broad selection of healthy, vegetarian & vegan options – I pretty much get the same thing every time I go there.  I get one of their breakfast pastas.  Pasta Mama, Pasta Papa or – as in this case – Pasta Emilia.  They make all their pastas fresh which is not only wonderful but critical in the case of these eggy breakfast pastas.  Look how yummy!


Miles ordered a beef burger & I think it weighed half as much as he does.  It was enormous.

I’m not a big fan of those rustic “skin on” french fries.  I am much more of a crispy shoestring or McDonald’s or crispy steak fry kinda gal but these at Hugo’s are OK.    This burger went a long way in that it fed Miles & then my three appreciative dogs as leftovers.  Hugo’s isn’t cheap – but it really is VERY good!

Finally – on a Sunday – I decided we had to eat outside.  We went to Alcove – in Hollywood.  This place is gorgeous in every way.  The outside patio is quaint & shady & has ample tables for al fresco dining.  The Big Bar is exactly the kind of old-school but still bright & cheery place I prefer to do my drinking.  There is a bakery & a chocolate element to Alcove, too, but sweets never appeal much to me.  Still – the is one of the prettiest little spots in Hollywood.  You order your food at the cash register, sit with a number & they bring your food to you – wherever you elected to sit.

I ordered a bagel & sliced tomato.  Miles opted for – who knew? – cheesy eggs & a side of potatoes.


Again – the eggs got a thumbs up.  The potatoes were amazing.  I believe a frialator was involved & I can’t think of anything that isn’t improved by deep frying.  Except butter.   Deep fried butter EXISTS!!  Don’t believe me?  Look HERE.  UGH!  Gag gag gag.  But the potatoes at Alcove seemed deep fried and were a perfect golden color & not greasy at all.  Miles also ordered a beer – as he is wont to do.  It was a new beer to both of us & it was very good.  Don’t underestimate the charm of a cold beer for breakfast, kids!  And don’t judge.  In fact – TRY IT!



And so there you have it.  Not a lotta comedy or drama today.  Just lotsa yummy breakfast options in Los Angeles.  And some sage advice – BEER for breakfast!!!