DDD #130 – Just Egg Review & Personal Loss


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Once again, for the 4th time in ten years, my home is plunged into grief by the sudden loss of a family member. Yesterday, I lost one of the best friends I have ever had in my life – my sweetest, sweet boy, Levi Dexter Gordon. My Dexter. He came into my life a little under 13 years ago – to help me recover from the devastating loss of my pug, Dempsey. Dexter started & ended his life very frail. He was a very sick puppy but, together, we got him right & robust & as muscular as you would expect a Frenchie to be. He cuddled my then senior pit mix, the very cantankerous Girl Friday, from behind so she could not bite him & he was there to comfort me when we lost her. In his prime, he was an only dog, and he was a huge personality – uber-protective of me, playfully tearing the pants at the ankle of many of my guests, unapologetically trying to bite anyone who dared approach me if he was in my lap & terrorizing veterinarians. Together, we drove to Michigan in the winter of 2007/8. He was my companion & comfort during my brutal month there & then spent 3 cold, winter months in Boston with me. He crossed country with me in a car twice. When Sarah MacLaughlin ads guilted me into adopting another dog – I took in twin pugs, Ella & Grisbi. I was afraid he would be jealous & unaccepting but he adored them both immediately. He was there for me when 11-month-old Ella died of a bee sting. When I adopted TEENY Moxie – he was wise & gentle enough to let Grisbi cuddle her until she was resilient enough to handle his enormous energy & enthusiasm. He was there for me when Grisbi died suddenly at the age of three. He welcomed Memphis as family immediately and gave him long & loving ear & face baths. He was there for me when we lost Memphis, suddenly. He graciously welcomed competing Frenchie, Hayden, into our home & even seemed to grow younger in the presence of her youthful enthusiasm. As important as his generosity was to the dogs I adopted into the family without consulting him – the generosity of his soul in accepting & nurturing about 15 foster dogs I have taken in and adopted out over the years was of equal impact. I could never have been a part of Road Dogs & saving doggy lives – if Dexter had not been so totally on board.

Just over 5 years ago, Dexter was diagnosed with an untreatable pinched nerve in his back which left him increasingly lame and, eventually, incontinent. My home became a labyrinth of yoga mats & rugs for traction for him & my bed was a patchwork of waterproof blankets – so he could still sleep with us each night. He handled his failing health with dignity & courage & forgave me every time I got frustrated with what felt like a life of endlessly cleaning pee & poo. I am so incredibly ashamed of ever letting him experience my sometimes frustration with something so out of his control. I am sure he was far more frustrated than I. But – he was a king among dogs & I know he understood.

Dexter was the man in my life for the last 13 years. He was my friend, my confidant, and my protector. I feel anchorless in his absence. Truly. Despite his frailty, he was all heart & bravado until his last days.

Dexter – I love you even more than you loved me. I still see you everywhere and it will take a long time for me to forget the routines that were ours. I miss your love of fashion & your pride in wearing any outfit. I miss you barking in impatience if I left you downstairs & the steps were too much for you. I miss carrying you around and looking at your face as I did so – seeing the total trust there & the blind acceptance of whatever it was I was carrying you toward. I miss your wonky, wobbly run toward me whenever I knelt on the floor & called you to me. I miss the slow & deliberate placement of your stinky kisses on my face. I miss your snoring. I miss how it feels to see you looking back at me. I miss all that trust & faith & love – directed at me. I thought we had more time. I knew it would not be enough time – but I thought we had more – measured in years – if we were lucky.

That is not what happened. You decided it was time & all I can do is accept that. You went in your sleep, on a freshly cleaned bed in a new outfit from your grandmother, Gail. And you decided to go while I was not here. I am torn about that but this was your choice.

Know I loved you completely – from the moment I saw you. I went to the breeder (first & last breeder visit of my life) meaning to choose a cream boy Frenchie from a litter of 5 cream pups & one brindle. I went home with the brindle – the boy with the biggest ears I had ever seen & the giant tummy. I was nervous because I understood the responsibility you represented – but it is a responsibility I am forever grateful to have taken on.

I loved you then & I love you more now. You are one of the very best things that ever happened to me. I am honored to have been your friend. So are all the dogs here and elsewhere who had the great opportunity to know you. None of us here could possibly have loved you more than we do. You were our patriarch.

RIP, Dexter – my baby, my boy, my man. I will forever love you as much as you loved me – times infinity. xoxoxoxox


DDD #114 – Rabbit Hole Foods – Vegan Egg, Tuna & Chicken Salads Reviewed

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8-23-18 (14)8-23-18 (17)8-23-18 (16)8-23-18 (8)

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Vegan Black Jasmine Pork Fried Rice with Egg (Thai Rice Berry)

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5-12-16 (40)

5-12-16 (78)


vromans back

5-12-16 (43)


Follow Your Heart came out with a vegan egg (photo above stolen from Google).  The first time I tried it – I was put off by the fact that it is a powder you add water to & that it takes FOREVER to set & become eggy.  It seemed like a chemical rubber to me & I talked shit about it a bit.  When I decided to make a fried rice – it crossed my mind that this egg might work better as part of a larger dish – without the pressure of having to stand on its own.    So – I made it again.  I noticed that the powder even has a very faint eggy-sulfur smell – that I did not notice the first time.  And – this time – I let the pan get very hot before I added the mix.

5-12-16 (13)

5-12-16 (14)

5-12-16 (15)

5-12-16 (16)

And – this time – it came together a bit more quickly.  I added some salt to it before it set & scrambled it until it was no longer wet.  And tasted it.  And, this time, I kinda liked the result.  The visual isn’t perfect but the taste & texture were actually pretty good.  I wonder how a quiche or chilaquiles might turn out with this stuff.  I will experiment & report back.  But – if you crave breakfast eggs – I am changing my thumbs down on these to a pretty enthusiastic thumbs up.   Omelettes might be the ideal way to use this stuff – because added flavors & textures can only help.

One thing – once set – these eggs don’t break up like real egg & so – cut up – they look sorta plastic (visually – see below) and were lost & overwhelmed in this rice.  Just FYI.

5-12-16 (18)

5-12-16 (21)

5-12-16 (35)

5-10-16 (133)

As to this rice dish – it was just an excuse to make my awesome Vegan Char Siu or Chinese BBQ Pork Ribs – above.  Those fuckers are so convincing & delicious – I just had to make them again the very next day!  I also had a myriad of random vegetables to use up & I really wanted to experiment with the vegan egg again – so – this dish was born.  It is a pretty straight-forward stir-fry & you can add anything you want to it or lose anything from it that you don’t like or have around already.    Two notes – the egg gets sorta lost in this so it might be a waste to use them for this dish and – I stirred the chopped “pork” into the stir-fry where the heat sorta steamed their crispy, stickiness away.  In the future – I would top each plate with a portion of the ribs — on top or on the side.



Also – I made this with my newest rice discover – Thai Rice Berry (black jasmine) rice.  ANY rice will work – but I had this left over so that is what I used.

I saw this new rice at my favorite Thai grocery store – Bangluck.   $10 for 5 pounds – so I could not resist.  I looked it up online & found THIS:

Riceberry  Rice is the new variety of rice that has been bred in Thailand. The rice is deep purple in colour; this rich dark colour is typical of plants that yield high nutrition. Rice berry rice is cross pollination of three hardy and loved rice strains; they are:

  • Thai Hom Mali Race – also known as fragrant jasmine rice, the highest quality and most sort after rice in the world, after cooking it retains its structure but takes on a soft fluffy consistency.
  • Hom Nin Rice – has well known and documented antioxidant properties, but this grain can become a little chewy if it isn’t cooked through.
  • Khao Dawk Mali 105 – a hardy seed which will grow in a broad range of agricultural environments.

The cross-pollination of these three rice plants has resulted in Riceberry Rice, a new and exciting rice variety. Riceberry takes on the best attributes of each of the grains that were used in its inception. The light fluffy texture and flavour from Thai jasmine rice, high in minerals and antioxidants from Hom Nin rice and hardy and high yield characteristics of Khao Dawk Mali 105.

Riceberry Rice Nutrition Profile

Riceberry rice is rich in many antioxidant that help our immune system stay healthy. It contains significant levels of:

  • Beta-carotene
  • Gama Oryzanol
  • Vitamin E
  • Folic Acid
  • Tannin
  • Zinc
  • Fiber
  • Bran Oil

These antioxidants, vitamins and minerals give riceberry rice a nutrition profile that is relatively unique. The dark purple colour it matures signifies it high nutrition content and gives it a unique appearance when served.

The rice is also extremely high in fiber and bran oil, this natural aids digestion and helps keep the stomach free from disease.

Thai Rice Glycemic Index

Riceberry rice has been graded as low-medium in the glycemic index. The abundant fiber and bran oil which it contains helps to reduce the risks of diabetes by hindering the absorption of sugars into the blood through the stomach. It also helps the pancreas function better.

– See more at: http://www.thenaturalhealthmarket.co.uk/riceberry-organic#sthash.388tjdGM.dpuf

5-12-16 (37)

5-12-16 (39)

5-12-16 (74)

Vegan Black Jasmine Pork Fried Rice with Egg (Thai Rice Berry)

Serves 4


Vegan Char Siu or Chinese BBQ Pork Ribs

3-4 cups cooked rice

2-3 TBS olive or coconut oil

1 small onion – diced

1 large carrot – diced

1 red (or other) bell pepper – diced

1-6 chili peppers (I used 2 serrano & 4 jalapeno – but I love heat)

2 cups purple cabbage (or green or both) – chopped

1 head Swiss chard – ribs removed & chopped

4 radishes – sliced

1 cup peas

4 TBS liquid aminos (or soy sauce or tamari)

1 TBS minced ginger

1 TBS minced garlic

2 Follow Your Heart vegan eggs (optional)

GARNISH – more radish slices and/or lime wedges, sliced scallions or sliced green garlic

5-12-16 (10)

5-12-16 (11)

5-12-16 (12)

5-12-16 (24)

5-12-16 (26)


Make the pork ribs & set aside.  When cool enough to handle – chop them up.

If using the eggs – make them, chop them up & set aside.

Heat the oil in a large saute pan or wok.

Basically – just dump everything (except the rice, egg & ribs) in there & cook until the veggies are soft.  You might want to wait until it is close to done before adding the peas so that they don’t get all smooshed.  Add the rice & combine.  My photos show adding the egg & ribs to the pan but I think they would work better added to each serving when you plate the rice.

Plate the portions & top with chopped egg & pork and any garnish you prefer.

5-12-16 (27)

5-12-16 (28)

5-12-16 (29)

5-12-16 (32)

5-12-16 (33)

5-12-16 (34)

5-12-16 (35)

5-12-16 (36)

5-12-16 (57)

5-12-16 (70)

Bacon, Eggs (or Tofu) & Spinach Breakfast Pasta (Vegan or Not)

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4-14-16 (51)

4-14-16 (61)


vromans back

4-14-16 (46)

Breakfast pasta is something I discovered in the 80’s at Hugo’s.   It is best made with homemade pasta or the fresh pasta you can buy at the supermarket (though that pasta is not typically vegan).   I had leftover dry pasta – so I used that but fresh pasta is really key to the magic of this dish – as is Parmesan & parsley.

The important revelation here is – I made this version VEGAN – using my most exciting new find – homemade VEGAN BACON made from rice paper!  Check it out!

4-14-16 (9)

I made that this morning & it was easy, fast & delicious!  You simply must try it!

I also used tofu & vegan Parmesan in this dish.

3-23-16 (16)

This dish could be made using Follow Your Heart’s vegan egg – but I think it takes bizarrely long to congeal & it kinda freaks me out but, if you like it, knock yourself out.

If you are vegetarian – you could use real eggs & real Parmesan.

I added turmeric to my tofu to give it that yellow color of real scrambled eggs – but I don’t think I will in the future.  I only used a bit but the flavor was very present in this dish & not perfectly suited to it.  Scrambled tofu is exactly like scrambled egg whites & that is good enough here – unless you are trying to fool someone into thinking they are eating real, whole eggs.

Breakfast pasta is like an omelet – in that – you can add anything you want to it.  So – if you like tomatoes, American cheese (or vegan cheese) & garlic in your omelet – add them to the pasta dish…and so on & so on.  Anything goes.  Any meat (vegan or otherwise), any veggies & any cheeses (vegan or otherwise) that you love.

4-14-16 (37)

4-14-16 (21)

Bacon, Eggs (or Tofu) & Spinach Breakfast Pasta (Vegan or Not)

Serves as any as you care to feed


Fresh pasta, cooked pasta or leftover pasta – cooked

Bacon (this  homemade vegan one or your favorite kind) – cooked

Parmesan cheese to taste

1/4 to 1/2 block tofu per person or as many eggs per person (2 eggs per would be plenty) as you like

1 tsp turmeric (very optional & really only here for color) – or just enough to get that light yellow color (curry powder would work, too)

Spinach (a big handful per person) – chopped

S&P to taste

Chopped parsley (not just a garnish but a delightful flavor so I go heavy-handed with it)

Sliced avocado – optional

4-14-16 (11)

4-14-16 (12)

4-14-16 (13)

4-14-16 (14)

4-14-16 (15)

4-14-16 (16)

4-14-16 (17)


Make the bacon, if you are using the recipe I posted.

Make the pasta & drain.

In a saute pan, add some cooking spray or a bit of olive oil & add the tofu (and turmeric, if you are using it).  Combine & then add the spinach & pasta & Parmesan.  I added a bit of water because my pasta was cold (leftovers) and needed some steaming.  Your pasta might not need that (if you just cooked it).  Season with cheese and S&P.   Crumble some bacon on it & combine.

Once it is heated through, serve on plates with more crumbled bacon, lots of parsley & some avocado slices – and maybe more cheese.

4-14-16 (19)

4-14-16 (24)

4-14-16 (55)

Miracle Cure for Burns

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images (1)download (1)

On Thursday evening, I came home to my boyfriend cooking us dinner.  A lovely thing, indeed!  A rose, a glass of wine & dinner are nice things to come home to.  Alas, Miles is not an experienced cook & thought the way to let boiling water simmer would be to put the pan of water in a 500 degree oven.   When I discovered this – I promptly took the pan from the oven & put it back on the stove with a stern warning to the badass, Miles Miller, that he not forget how hot the handle of the pan was (500 degrees – lest you forget) and that he be sure to use a pot holder when touching that handle.

Thirty seconds later, I went to move that pan to a different burner & just reached right out there & wrapped my bare palm nearly all the way around the handle.  Both Miles & I heard – yes, HEARD – the burn before my brain registered what it was.  I ripped my hand back & the searing pain kicked in immediately.  I looked at my hand and a bright red Nike swoosh looked back at me.  The handle of the pan looks like this (not my photo) and the imprint of it was clear – across the entire width of my right palm.


The pain was unimaginable and ice was the only thing that dulled it in the slightest.  I had several blocks of plastic-wrapped ice in my freezer that I had saved from my Blue Apron meal delivery last week and they were a Godsend because they are big & take a long time to melt & then the melted ice is contained in plastic – so there was no drippy mess.  But if I let go of the ice block for even ten seconds – hideous pain kicked in again.  I was dreading the days ahead as this burn went through its various stages & the huge bubble appeared and, placed in the palm of my hand as it was, the burn would be constantly irritated as I attempted daily tasks – and re-injured it over & over.

A few hours later, I remembered that my friend, Heather, had suffered an enormous 3rd degree burn in her lap from spilled boiling water.  She was in the hospital for a week & got cadaver grafts & the whole thing but her legs healed incredibly well.  I texted her in the hopes that she might have learned something about burns that I did not know – something more than icing it & using aloe.  Her answer was to put raw egg yolk on the burn & let it dry there.  Desperate for relief – I did just that.  Pardon the very bad photos but I was in agony & using my left hand to shot them.

7-4-15 (7) 7-4-15 (8)

In the lower photo – you can kinda see the end of the Nike swoosh on the left.  The pain reduced by about 75 percent IMMEDIATELY!!!  It was incredible!  I let the egg dry & did not wash it off.  And here is how my hand looked in the morning – before I washed it – with dry yolk still evident on my hand.

7-4-15 (1)

As you might be able to see – there is no water blister anywhere in my hand.  Absolutely zero pain.   See the shape of the pan handle there?  This photo was taken about 12 hours after I committed to gripping that 500 degree metal handle.  And the photo at the top of this post in not my hand pre-burn.  It is my hand today.  Look at this shit:

7-4a-15 (1)

If you know where to look – you can still see the vague swoosh there but you really gotta look hard for it.  That is my hand 36 hours after very severely burning it.  It should be red & have a huge water blister & it should still be throbbing & screaming its outrage at me but nothing.  No pain at all & almost no visual evidence of the burn.  I mean – there is a ghost sensation – almost like a mild sunburn – in my hand that reminds me which hand I hurt but it is hardly worth mentioning.

So – there you have it!  Got yourself a nasty kitchen burn?  EGG YOLKS!!!!  Absolutely a miracle cure!  Thank you, Heather!!! xo

PS – THIS ARTICLE lists egg WHITES as the miracle cure but the yolk worked wonders for me.

Caramelized Red Onion & Gruyere Pizza with Egg & Arugula

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Well – I got some very cool news today!  Book Soup – one of the most important independent book stores in the US – read my book & agreed to stock it!!!  Yay!  They are a very discriminating bunch so I am going to let myself feel flattered.  Check it out HERE.


Now on to pizza!  Some people think the idea of egg on pizza is nasty and I must confess I used to think that way.  Until I tried it.  It is kind of spectacular.  Despite knowing it tastes yummy, I am still psyching myself out about using eggs at all – because of how the hens are treated.  And, when you think about it, eating an egg is really fucking gross.  But – I still do it now & then.  I try to only buy pastured eggs – which means the hens really ARE living cage-free – like this:


Not this legal version of cage free:


Which is only 1% better than this:


So – please try to support the PASTURED (and grass-fed) meats & eggs etc to show that industry that you are willing to pay a little more for some humane treatment.  Here are the eggs I bought.  The word pastured is between “vegetarian” and “fertile” – hard to read – but there.  PS – they list vegetarian because factory farms feed their chickens ground up chickens.  How fucked is that?  You don’t want to eat that pain & fear & disease.  Do you?


OK – now I feel like a nutjob posting a non-vegan pizza – but I am going to plod ahead.  If I have totally ruined eggs for you forever – blow them off.  The pizza is yummy without them.  You can also use vegan cheese if I have completely converted you.


I use this Naples-style pizza dough recipe from Saveur.  I do not store it 48 hours.  I use it as needed from immediately to several days later.  I notice little difference.  Also, I make it in my bread machine on the dough cycle.  Easy peasy!




2 tbsp. sugar (⅞ oz.)
1 tbsp. olive oil, plus more (½ oz.)
½ tsp. active dry yeast
5½ cups “00” flour, preferably Caputo Pizzeria Flour (1 lb. 12 oz.) (or just use regular, organic flour – like me.)
2 tbsp. kosher salt (¾ oz.)


1. Combine sugar, oil, yeast, and 2 cups cold water in bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook; let sit until foamy, 8-10 minutes. Mix flour and salt in a bowl. With motor running, slowly add flour mixture; mix until a smooth dough forms, 8-10 minutes. Transfer dough to a greased baking sheet; cover with plastic wrap. Let sit at room temperature 1 hour.

2. Divide dough into 4 balls; transfer to a greased 9″ x 13″ dish; brush tops with oil. Cover with plastic wrap; refrigerate 48 hours (or get impatient like me & use it immediately).


Caramelized Red Onion & Gruyere Pizza with Egg & Arugula


Pizza dough at room temperature

1/2 large red onion – sliced

1 TBS olive oil

1 TBS butter (or vegan alternative)

1/2 tsp sugar

1/2 tsp salt

Gruyere cheese – grated (quantity to taste)

Fresh Thyme – leaves pulled from stems (quantity to taste)

Grated mozzarella or other cheese (quantity to taste)

Eggs (optional)

Fresh arugula

Tomato – chopped (optional)

Lemon (to squeeze on the arugula) optional


Olive oil to drizzle (optional)




Heat the oven to 450.  Make sure it reaches full temperature before cooking your pizza.

Make your dough or let your store-bought dough reach room temperature (so it is easier to roll out).

Caramelize the onion by heating the olive oil & butter over med-low (NOT HIGH) heat.  Add the onion and salt & sugar and saute – stirring frequently – for about 20-30 minutes or until they are soft & brown & before they burn.  Mine crisped a bit on the edges & I liked that!  Set aside.


Now simply assemble the pizza.  Roll out the dough & place it on a cooking sheet treated with olive oil or cooking spray.  Drizzle some olive oil on it & brush it around & add the thyme & the cheeses & some caramelized onion.






Cook this for about 7-10 minutes or until you think it is a few minutes from being done.  I overcooked mine just a bit – so – pull it out before the crust looks like this – all crispy & golden:


because you are gonna break a few eggs on there & cook it another 3-5 minutes or until the eggs are cooked to your liking.  I broke one of the yolks.  Oh well!  Err on the early side here, too, if you want a runny yolk.  The eggs will keep cooking once you remove the pizza from the oven as the pizza heat will still be acting as a hot pan beneath them.  So – if you want ooey-gooey yolks – pull this guy out JUST BEFORE you feel the whites are cooked all the way through.  In fact, even if you pull it out a tad early, just spreading the egg a bit over the pizza will cook it quickly.



Now add S&P to taste & top with arugula & chopped tomato – if you are using tomato.  You might even want to drizzle a teeny amount of olive oil on the arugula & squeeze a bit of lemon – or toss the arugula LIGHTLY with olive oil & lemon before putting it on the pizza.  And there you go!  Crack open that Trader Joe’s box of wine & kid yourself that you are having less wine than you really are because who the fuck can figure out what they have consumed out of an opaque cardboard box that holds like – what – three bottles?  Then blame the hangover on the cheapness of wine – not the quantity you consumed!




Baked Egg & Sausage & Cheese & Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast Cupcakes

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OK – I have tried these several times in different ways with different levels of success.  These are still imperfect but I am going to post them because, if I don’t, I am gonna keep trying to perfect them & I just don’t want to be eating so many eggs & biscuits.

These could be made with any variety of these bready roll things.  You can scramble the eggs before putting them into the cupcake pan or just carefully break an egg in there in tact.  I used vegetarian sausage patties which look so tasty here all hard & freezer burned, don’t they?


I also used this Tillamook cheese but any cheese you like will do.


I also used these eggs here –


and while it is hard to make out – they are not just free range – they are PASTURED – which means they really are free range and not just in a huge hanger with a million other desperate chickens.    Watch this video of some rescued free range chickens & see if you do not agree that – if you are gonna use eggs – it is worth finding & paying for pastured ones.


That said – these are really just omelettes in a cupcake pan with a little biscuit underneath.   I would suggest – however – that if you have a cupcake pan that makes 12 or 18 cupcakes – use one like that and space these bad boys out in the pan so they do not bleed together like this:

4-1-14 (78)

Baked Egg & Sausage & Cheese & Buttermilk Biscuit Cupcakes


Buttermilk biscuit dough (or other variety)

Pastured eggs


Sausage (I used veggie ones) – cooked


Parsley – as garnish

4-1-14 (82)


Heat the oven to 350.

Cook the sausage & chop it up.

Grease a cupcake pan.   Press some biscuit dough into each – spacing them apart from each other, if you can.   Press the dough in so it reached up the sides of the cupcake pan.  I haven’t tried this with cupcake liners but I cannot imagine they would be a bad idea.

Add crumbled sausage & grated or chopped cheese & then either carefully crack an egg in each or scramble some eggs & pour a bit in each.  Cook for about 25 minutes (which should cook the scrambled egg & cook a whole egg while still leaving the yolk runny) – or cook it until the eggs are done to your satisfaction.

Let rest a few minutes & then carefully run a knife around each cupcake & remove them.  Add S&P & some chopped parsley & eat’m up!

4-1-14 (73)

4-1-14 (74)

4-1-14 (77)

4-1-14 (83)