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Hurry! The sale won’t last long! But you can use the code multiple times.

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Burrata & Arugula Pizza

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2013

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LOTS going on today. I joined this wine club – The Tasting Room.  For like $8 – they sent me this starter kit.



There are two whites on the right & four reds.  These are TINY bottles – not even a half glass in each.


You go online & they give you a little survey as you taste them.  From your preferences, they determine the kinds of wine you are likely to enjoy & then begin sending you full-sized bottles of wine hand-picked for you.  Sounds cool, no?  I will keep you posted!

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In tragic news – we lost Colonel Meow this week.  He has 370,000 Facebook followers!  He was a rescue & only lived 2 1/2 years.  No word yet on what took him from us so prematurely but I will miss being addressed as his minion & I will miss hearing about his demands for “Scotch & treaties.”




He was one glorious cat & I am very sorry for his family & their loss.

In happier news – some of you may remember Piglet, the mangy puppy I fostered this summer.  She was rescued looking like this:



While I had her – she improved a lot.




Friends of mine adopted her & she is now called Trixie & here she is with her new & forever BFF.


Isn’t THAT a happy tale?  Congratulations, Trixie!

My book is out & the first appearances of the paperback have begun.  Here is my friend, actor/writer, Frank John Hughes, holding the first physical copy I laid my eyes on – if only in this photo.

2-2-14 (41)

And here is a box of twenty that my friend Rose bought & that Amazon delivered ON A SUNDAY!


This Saturday morning saw my badass boyfriend, Miles Miller, complete the first of four weeks shooting his first feature film, All the Birds Have Flown South.  Look at him here!  A mad genius at work – leaving observers stunned & awed.  HAWT!


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And now onto pizza!  This isn’t really a recipe.  Like lots of my pizzas – this is a suggestion.  Doesn’t it look delicious?  IT IS!  And here is how you do it!

Burrata & Arugula Pizza


Pizza dough (I used THIS)

Tomato – sliced paper thin



Tomato sauce (jarred or homemade)


Olive oil (I used a basil-infused olive oil)

2-2-14 (24)


Heat the oven to a full 450 degrees.

Treat a pizza cooking sheet with cooking spray.

Roll out some dough & place it on the cooking sheet.  Place tomato slices on it – leaving a border for the crust.  I put lots of S&P on it.  I filled in the gaps with a little tomato sauce.  Drizzle with a little oil.

2-2-14 (10)

2-2-14 (11)

2-2-14 (12)

Bake about 10 minutes (more or less – based on the performance of your oven & thickness of the dough & toppings).  Once it is pretty much done – simply top it with the room temperature, gooey burrata.  No need to heat it if your burrata is sufficiently creamy.  My burrata came in small balls & was less creamy filling than it was thick mozzarella casing – so I spread it on the pizza & put in back in the oven for only a minute or two.  You do not want to dry out or brown the burrata.

2-2-14 (19)

Add more S&P (if you like) & top the pizza with some naked arugula.  Drizzle with olive oil & slice that fucker up.  Oh!  And get online & order a copy of my book!  www.BathingBook.com  It is on sale today on Amazon for $9.59!!!

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