Awesomely Easy 3-Ingredient Fresh Raw Cranberry Sauce

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OK – I am not a fan of cranberry sauce but I always serve some at dinners during the holidays.  Experience has proven that my homemade efforts are never as popular as that ring-marked canned gelatin shit so, for years now, I have just given in & served that crap up & nobody has ever complained.

Then, this Thanksgiving, I was at a friend’s house & when dinner was served, this gorgeous stuff was among the selections.  I could not resist taking a small dollop of this scarlet creation.   See it there with my other vegetarian delights?

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And it was SO DELICIOUS that I had to ask my friend BJ, who made it, for the recipe.   She obliged & I am now sharing it with you here.  If you own a blender or food processor – this takes less than 5 minutes.  Are you ready?

Awesomely Easy 3-Ingredient Fresh Cranberry Sauce

1 package fresh cranberries (I tend to freeze the cranberries ahead of time but this is not necessary).

1 navel orange – cut into segments.  I remove the pith but use the rest of the orange including the rind.  (You might see some pith in the image below.  I suggest removing all that white stuff as it is the bitter part.)

¾ – 1 cup sugar, to taste


24 hours prior to use in a food processor combine cranberries, orange segments and sugar.  I break it up into 3 batches as you want the orange and cranberry to be finely chopped.

Put in a non-reactive bowl overnight in the fridge.  I stir in the morning and taste for tartness.   If necessary add some more sugar, stir and place back in the frig.  Approx one hour prior to serving remove from fridge.

See?  No cooking required!

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