DDD #120 – Spicy Vegan Chinese Eggplant – Better Than Take-Out!

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2018

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This dish is SO easy & outrageously delicious!  It is also genuinely spicy but you can control that level yourself.

Spicy Vegan Chinese Eggplant

Serves 2 or more


2 medium eggplants – cut into 1/2 inch cubes

1 onion – diced

Thai basil (or red basil or regular basil) – chopped – optional

Sesame oil

6 garlic cloves – chopped

4 TBS minced ginger (I used jarred)

3 TBS brown sugar

1 TBS sriracha

2 TBS sambal oelek (or chili garlic sauce)

2 tsp molasses

3 TBS reduced sodium soy sauce

1/2 cup tomato sauce

2 TBS rice vinegar

Crushed red pepper


Sesame seeds

1/2 cup water

OPTIONAL – 1-3 TBS black soy sauce for a richer color

Scallions – green parts sliced – as garnish or sesame seeds or additional sliced basil.





Heat 1-2 TBS sesame oil in a pan & add the eggplant.  Add a little salt & some crushed red pepper.  Add the diced onion.  Saute over medium heat until tender but not mushy.  Maybe 5-8 minutes.



Add 2-3 TBS sesame seeds & the garlic & the ginger.  When the garlic begins to brown add the tomato sauce, brown sugar, srirachasambal oelek (or chili garlic sauce), molasses, soy sauce, rice vinegar, & water.  Simmer over med-low heat for ten minutes.  Add the eggplant & onions & simmer another 5 minutes.  Stir in some chopped basil (if using).

Serve over rice garnished with additional chopped basil, the scallions & some additional sesame seeds.



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