DDD #40 – 24-Hour Easy Refrigerator Dill Pickles



All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2017

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I have always wanted to try my hand at making pickles.  Sometimes I see pickling cucumbers, buy them & then watch them rot as I keep forgetting to buy mason jars.  Or – I Google recipes & get intimidated by the canning procedure.  Or both.  I recently saw these cutie little cocktail cucumbers at Costco & couldn’t resist the urge – again – to attempt making pickles.  I had no idea if they would lend themselves well to the process but the money investment was small so I went for it.  I then Googled a bunch of different recipes & by tweaking a few – I came up with this RIDICULOUSLY easy pickle recipe.  I had two old pickle jars in my cabinet & I used them – not mason jars.  These took 24 hours in the fridge – just sitting there – and they were pickles!  Really tasty, crunchy pickles!!!!!    I recommend this recipe VERY highly – both or its ease & for the novelty of making your own Goddamn pickles overnight.  I suspect any cucumbers would work.  These guys (cocktail cucumbers) were pretty small & quartered into very slim little spears.  If you use full-sized cucumbers – maybe slice them into discs rather than spears.  And any old seal-able jar will work.  And by seal-able – I really just mean with a screw top.  The fact – you could make these in ANY container – Tupperware – even a bowl.  So – go get some cucumbers and give this one a go!



Easy Refrigerator Dill Pickles


1.5 lbs cucumbers (I used cocktail cucumbers – but you can try any variety you find available) – cut into spears or 1/4″ chips.

8 garlic cloves – 4 quartered, 4 left whole (less if you do not LOVE garlic)

8-16 sprigs fresh dill

2 TBS coriander SEEDS (not ground)

2 TBS sea (or Kosher) salt

2 TBS sugar

1 1/3 cups white vinegar


Jars for containing the pickles



NOTE – these are very garlicky!!!  If you don’t LOVE garlic – cut the garlic back a lot.

In a sauce pan – heat the vinegar & add the salt, sugar & coriander seeds.  Heat, stirring, just until both the sugar & salt dissolve.  Try to get this done before the vinegar gets hot.  If it gets very hot – let it cool before pouring over your cucumbers.

Put your cucumbers in the pickling container (a mason jar, old pickle jar – or other container with a water-tight lid) – with the garlic & the fresh dill.  Pour the vinegar mix over the cucumbers.  Add water to fill the container to the top.  Seal the container & chill in the fridge for at least 24 hours.  Try one.  ENJOY!

These should last in your fridge (in a sealed container) for up to one month.



3 thoughts on “DDD #40 – 24-Hour Easy Refrigerator Dill Pickles

  1. Hello. I’ve been enjoying your youtube vids, and I just wanted to comment on your recipe choices in case you’re looking for direction for future vids. I’m learning a lot, so thanks for that. I thought I should mention that I’m a subscriber who doesn’t watch a lot of the vids for vegan versions of things that I never ate anyway. That is to say, that I’m not looking for a substitute burger or hotdog. I know a lot of people who start down the veggie/vegan path sort of ease their way in by making faux this or that, but that never appealed to me….mostly b/c I never ate those things when I was a meat eater. I guess I’m saying that there are so many options for recipes that are authentically what they are w/o being a vegan substitute for something meaty. This isn’t a criticism, I just thought you might like to know where some of your audience’s taste buds have been.~~Your mention of the little bell for getting youtube notifications was spot on…I didn’t know about that, and it has been very helpful.~~Also, as I am giving you notes out of the blue, I know that I’d like to hear what you think about fish. You frequently say that you gave up meat in the 80’s, and I don’t know if you’re putting fish in that category…or if you have different thoughts…etc. I think the biographical content (and continued irreverence) add a (dare I say it) spice to your delivery that is very appealing.~~Lastly, I’m curious as to what you feed your dogs. Are they on a veggie/vegan diet? Do you cook for them? I recently dogsat for a pooch that required me to prepare a vet’s prescribed diet of ground meat and brown rice w/ a few added veggies….it was a challenge for me. Cooking for pets is a huge niche that you could help to fill.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there in cyberspace.


    Oh, I wrote to you once before re: the Cuisinart replacement blades for your food processor. I finally got mine. Did you get your two? I see the Magic Bullet, but I also see you’re still using your Cuisinart. There is currently a class action suit making its way through the courts re: the blades, so perhaps we’ll all get a kickback from Cuisinart. I’m earmarking mine for gin.


    • Yes – I got the blades!

      I gave up meat in the eighties but still ate fish. I gave up fish about 3-4 years ago. As to my choices of recipes – I understand many vegans are not interested in faux meats but my PRIMARY goal is to encourage meat eaters to eat less of it. I have – literally – HUNDREDS of vegetarian & vegan recipes here on this blog that do not use faux meats. Another reason I have chosen the recipes that I have – so far – for my Youtube channel is that they were among my most popular recipes here. I am trying to build an audience there & I want the recipes to be broadly accepted. I will get into other things & I HAVE posted many on Youtube that do not use faux meats. I have found that reinvented comfort foods are the once that spark the greatest curiosity – so – I like to post those as often as possible. And – as to the hot dogs, smoked salmon & roast beef posts – **I** was curious about those things myself. Finally – no – my dogs are not vegetarian or vegan. I have fed my dogs – other dogs in the past – homemade raw food – meat-based – but it is to much work, too costly & the dogs I currently have are too finicky. I am not interested in debating whether my dogs can or should be on a plant-based diet. I am doing all I can currently do.


  2. Sorry, I think you may have gotten the wrong idea about my intent. I really meant it when I said it wasn’t a criticism. It is precisely because you have such a great catalog of recipes on the blog that I was offering my input on the vids. Frankly, I’m overwhelmed by all the great options and have only gotten through a portion of the blog.~~I think that when someone has been a veggie or vegan for a very long time, that they probably came to that point via an evolution of thought over time. I was trying to suggest that you can advance the idea that veganism isn’t entirely about replacing a diet someone may have difficulty giving up…but that it can be something entirely satisfying in and of itself. Framing the idea that you’re not losing all the foods you think you can’t have…rather gaining a whole variety of cuisine is something that has helped me. You’re already there, but someone listening to you may not have that insight yet.~~I think that the way you factor in prices, availability of ingredients, effort level, and even whether you’re going to get leftovers for extra meals are all very useful aspects to your presentation. It does make a viewer/reader realize that they can do what you’re doing…or tweak things to their tastes. I find that such insight is lacking in so many other recipes, but you nail it. I was simply looking at the view counts for some of the vids and letting you know why one subscriber chose one vid over another. ~~As for your beasties, I just thought that cooking anything for them…vegan, veggie, or otherwise…could be fun. A lot of people take much more care what they feed their beasties than they do themselves. I followed your links and noticed that you feature them in your photography, and I’ve heard the adorable snoring in some of the vids. It just seemed like someone who is fostering and so into beasties in general might be the type who makes her own treats, so I was just curious.~~I say I too much….and I know you don’t need to get wrapped up in other people’s vision for your endeavors….or overly long comments. To your credit, I think you are making a difference, and you do have a growing audience, so I guess that’s why I chose to contact you…because I believe that you will be heard whereas I will not.


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