Cinco de Mayo Chef’d & Beyond Meat Feisty Tacos DISCOUNT!

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2015

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Chef’d is having a Cinco de Mayo SALE on their amazing Beyond Meat Feisty Taco Cinco de Mayo party plan!  Save 15% by using the code TACOS when you order!

The cost for two servings will be $19, the cost for four servings will be $29. Pre-sale will start 4/22 and will end 5/1 at 11a. Boxes will be delivered 5/3 and 5/4 to ensure that all customers have their meal in hand before 5/5. Just as a reminder, they ship EVERYWHERE in the continental US.  Please note that the offer will not be available to order after 5/1.  Order by Sunday, May 1st at 11am PST and your Cinco de Mayo Party Box will be delivered on Tuesday, 5/3 or Wednesday 5/4 depending on your location.
Click HERE to order.

Planning a Cinco de Mayo fiesta?

Chef’d has just what you’re looking for to get into the celebratory spirit.




Not a meat eater? No problem!  Our BEYOND BEEF® FEISTY TACOS with Black Beans are a perfect choice, and might even convert a carnivore or two.

All Cinco de Mayo Party Boxes come with Garden Fresh Gourmet Chips & Salsa and two miniature maracas. The Beyond Beef® Feisty Tacos come with Chili-Lime Mango to finish the meal.

Order by Sunday, May 1st at 11am PST and your Cinco de Mayo Party Box will be delivered on Tuesday, 5/3 or Wednesday 5/4 depending on your location.  Save 15% by using the code TACOS when you order!



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HERE is the list of the famous chefs contributing recipes. And HERE are the vegan & vegetarian meals currently offered (impressive – no?). I was given the opportunity to try the service & jumped at the chance. I am a long-time fan of Beyond Meat & the pairing of these two companies is exciting to me. I got the Beast Burger & Tacos & will post about the tacos here – the burgers are in THIS post.
Here is what showed up (for the tacos – enough to feed 4):
11-19-15 (39)
11-19-15 (41)
11-19-15 (43)
11-23-15 (28)
11-23-15 (59)
11-23-15 (63)
As with the Beast Burgers – I am very familiar with Beyond Meat‘s Feisty crumbles & I am already a fan.  This meal came together quickly & easily & everything tasted fresh & delicious.  In this case – there was a lot of extra vegan cheese (I am not complaining!) and more than enough chipotle Vegenaise (again – not complaining – especially as it came in the tiny condiment jars I am so fond of).
11-23-15 (87)
The recipe called for guacamole with crushed red pepper in it.  I am a guacamole purist (just avocado, lime & salt, please) – so – I opted just to slice the avocado & use it naked and I added all the crushed red pepper supplied (enough for 4 tacos) into the beefy crumbles meant for two (I like spice).
The black beans come together in 5 minutes & the lime & cilantro make them taste light & fresh & clean – not lard-heavy or mushy.
11-23-15 (26)
11-23-15 (27)
And the feisty beef crumbles also only took about 5 minutes.  Because I added lots of crushed red pepper – they were also very spicy.  I forgot to add the chipotle Vegenaise until after I had taken most of the pictures but it was a nice flavor layered in with the tortillas, crumbles, lettuce & avocado.
11-23-15 (29)
11-23-15 (30)
11-23-15 (31)
11-23-15 (58)
11-23-15 (60)
This meal was flavorful, robust, filling and SO EASY to make!  What a great pair of options for any vegan or vegetarian – especially a newby not sure where to start – and for anyone looking to cut back on meat but not on flavor or protein.
11-23-15 (65)
11-23-15 (96)

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