Vegan Fish Tacos

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2016

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So – I have been experimenting with some vegan seafoods.  So far – I have tried the crab cakes & the shrimp seen just above.  They LOOK promising but they are truly vile. Absolutely disgusting & inedible.  The shrimp are TEENY & look and taste like breaded paste.  The crab cakes are only slightly better but certainly NOT worth the calories they represent.  I have not yet tried those freezer-burned scallops (above) but I think they might be best served in a scallop salad – like a tuna salad – and I am not ready to get into that yet.

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The Gardein fishless filets, however, are a REVELATION!  The breading is good, there is only 180 calories in two filets & they look and taste like any frozen fish stick – but with none of the kinda gross fishy-ness some of those products have.  These are truly genius & made wonderful fish tacos!  I give these a very enthusiastic endorsement!

As to tacos – people like them the way they like them.  I think – like pizza – nobody really needs a recipe but, rather, maybe a few suggestions.  For my fish tacos, I used street-taco-sized corn tortillas, grilled them on my stove burners a bit & topped them.  I cheated a teensy bit & used real feta on these – because I had it & I thought it would photography well – but feta is certainly not the star of this dish.  The stars are the fishless filets & avocado – because avocado can hold its own in most flavor battles.

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Vegan Fish Tacos


Corn or flour tortillas – grilled on the stove burners

Fishless filets – cooked according to the package (takes 12 minutes once your oven is to temperature) and sliced up (I used two filets for 3 tacos)


Avocado – sliced

Purple cabbage – sliced

Red bell pepper – diced

Chipotle vegenaise (or vegan sour cream)

Lime wedges

Crumbled vegan cheese of your choice (optional)

OTHER TOPPINGS – diced tomato, sliced lettuce, jalapenos, pico de gallo, sliced scallions, sliced radishes, diced red onion, hot sauce

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Grill the tortillas on the stove burners a bit on each side to warm & add grill marks. Assemble at will!

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