Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Potato Hash – Vegan or Not



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NOTE – the hash itself is vegan.  Eggs, clearly, are not.  If you are vegan – just skip the eggs.

So – I had a lot of leftover Simple Salt & Pepper Roasted Brussels Sprouts – seen above.  Looking around the kitchen, I saw potatoes & determined to make this hash.  I used only onion, potato & the leftover sprouts but you could add garlic and – if you eat seafood – salmon (smoked or otherwise) would be delicious in this!  Also – I fried an egg (free range & fertilized – from Farm Fresh to You) and put it on top of the hash – primarily because I always love photos with eggs in them.  The egg was steaming hot & vibrant & made for pretty images – but I could not bring myself to eat it.  I fed it to my dogs.  While, currently, I am merely a vegetarian – I lean closer & closer to veganism, all the time.  I never use any real milk products – and, at this point, even very fresh milk smells sour to me & tastes thick & gross.  I almost always use vegan butter & now that I discovered this The Best Fast & Easy Vegan Mozzarella – for Melting & Grating (seen below) – I use this on my pizzas.

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While I do still eat real cheese sometimes – I have made a real effort to get off eggs completely.  That will be easier now that I seem to have developed a psychological block against them.  I really could not even put that egg to my lips.

But folks love eggs & lots of you would really enjoy this hash with a fried or poached egg on top of it.  Know that if hen cruelty concerns you – you should buy only eggs labeled PASTURED (meaning – out in a pasture) – and not cage-free.  Cage-free just means they are not contained in battery cages but they are still packed, indoors, in an ammonia-soaked environment & they suffer terribly.   If you want to see a bunch of free-range hens being rescued & released into a sanctuary – watch THIS video.  It is not gross or gruesome but it shows you how sick & devastated these “free range” chickens are.

Anyway – back to pretty pictures of eggs & some delicious hash!

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Potato Hash

Serves 2


5-10 roasted Brussels sprouts – chopped (if you don’t want to roast them first – grate them up or shred them & they will cook nicely)

1/2 small onion (I used a red one) – diced

1 large Russet potato – peeled & diced small


2 TBS vegan butter or olive oil

Eggs – OPTIONAL – in the quantity that suits you (one or two per person)

Parsley – chopped as garnish

OPTIONAL – chopped garlic, chopped smoked or other cooked salmon, diced jalapeno, diced red bell pepper

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Heat the butter or oil over medium-high heat & cook the potatoes a few minutes.  Add the onion & the Brussels sprouts & some S&P.  Add any other ingredients you are opting to use.  Cook until the potatoes are soft.  Lower temperature to low & keep warm.

If you are using eggs – fry or poach them.  Put some hash on each plate & top with eggs (if using) and a pinch of parsley & some S&P.


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