The Best Fast & Easy Vegan Mozzarella – for Melting & Grating



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My quest for a truly successful mozzarella has only just begun & I think I found the easiest & best already – see above!  I posted the one below a few days ago & that post is HERE.  The gist of that post is this: It was, indeed, very easy & the visual – as you can see is very convincing.  The texture – when cold – isn’t bad, either.  My only issue was that there was a tang to it – that was a result of using yogurt as the base.  The tang wasn’t overpowering or unpleasant, in and of itself, but the overall impression it gives one is that they are eating mozzarella that has soured a bit.

It worked fairly well on pizza & the sour flavor became unnoticeable and it softened quite a bit.  The texture is really a bit closer to ricotta, though, so this version below might be better suited to things like lasagna.

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So – while I considered that buffalo mozzarella a success – it wasn’t perfect – so, I tried THIS one by Living My Pinterest Life – seen below.  This version came together more quickly & the only thing you might not have ready access to is the agar flakes.  I happened to have agar agar powder – not really sure what the difference is but the agar agar powder worked perfectly.  I got it at TJ Maxx in their “random kitchen shit” section – but your supermarket might carry it in the spice aisle.  Or buy some online.  Whatever you do – TRY THIS CHEESE!  It tastes GREAT naked.  Living My Pinterest Life said they thought it tasted like tofu but mine did not.  At all.



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Additionally, I was completely unable to find any kind of vegan heavy cream – so I used 3/4 cup almond milk & 1/4 cup vegan sour cream & I could not be happier with how this cheese turned out.  Non-vegans will never question this cheese.  It looks like mozzarella, has the correct texture & absolutely nothing in the flavor (which is mild) to give it away.  Simple ingredients.  Simple instructions.  Wondrous result!  I promise – you will not regret trying this cheese!  And look how is does on pizza!  I took the flat edge of a knife & pressed it a bit after I took it from the oven & that helped the grated cheese to give up its shape a bit more so that – visually – it looked as melted as it actually was.  It even looks like it is greasy – like real cheese – but it isn’t.  It has to have less calories than real cheese & so much protein from the tofu & calcium from the almond milk – it is tantamount to a health food.  People seldom think of cheese as particularly healthy – but this shit is!  I just cannot say enough about how happy I am with this!

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The Best Fast & Easy Vegan Mozzarella – for Melting & Grating


1 package Extra Soft Silken Tofu
1 cup Vegan Heavy Cream (I used 3/4 cup almond milk & 1/4 cup vegan sour cream)
1/2 TBS Salt
1 tsp Garlic Powder
1 tsp Rice Vinegar
6 tsp Agar Flakes or 2 tsp agar Powder
1/2 cup water

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Blend until smooth the tofu, heavy cream, salt, garlic power, and vinegar. Transfer to a small sauce pan and stir in the agar flakes and water. Bring to a boil on medium, stirring frequently. Boil until the agar flakes are almost completely dissolved (about 20 minutes), adding water if necessary so it doesn’t boil down too much.  Pour into a large loaf pan and place in fridge until completely cooled.

When cooled – it just dropped right out of the inverted pan & was ready to devour.  Try it naked.  AWESOME!

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30 thoughts on “The Best Fast & Easy Vegan Mozzarella – for Melting & Grating

  1. The Difference between Agar flakes and Agar powder is pretty simple. Agar flakes take longer to dissolve, and it usually measures in tablespoons. for every tablespoon of agar flakes you need you can replace with a teaspoon of agar powder. So this mozzarella recipe would call for 2 tablespoons of the flakes or 2 teaspoons of the powder. I hope this helps. It is also great for making Vegan Jello.


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  3. Well the powder vs flakes thing seems like a pretty major recipe error. I didn’t see this until my concoction was already on the stove and I used 6 tsp of agar powder! Guess I’ll find out how this turns out this way 😦


  4. Im not sure if this recipe is going to work for me I have agar powder, and I used 2 teaspoons. Is that correct? How long is it supposed to take to chill mine has been in the fridge for like 6 hours and it hasn’t hardened it’s still half liquid. I threw it in the freezer in hopes of it freezing.


  5. Just wonderinf about the recipe.. Is it 6 tsp of agar powder or 6 tsp of agar flakes? The recipe says it’s the flakes but reading the comments has confused me a little! I’m so excited to try this recipe and just want to make sure it works 😊


  6. This cheese turned out beautifully. Cam it be frozen? I’m the only vegan at home and it seems as though I wouldn’t be able to eat it soon enough.
    Thanks for sharing!!!


  7. The first time I made this the taste was awesome but was unable to grate it. It set up in the fridge but what did I do wrong that it wouldn’t grate? Any tips? Thanks


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  9. Hi there, I had the same problem with it not being able to grate. It was set (I let it cook down for 30 minutes) but it doesn’t ever get solid enough to be able to grate it. The flavor is amazing and we love it, but it doesn’t melt well on pizza if not grated. Any tips?


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