2-Ingredient Vegan Persimmon Ice Cream – Made in the Blender

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2015

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I bought persimmons because they are in season & they are beautiful & I wanted to create something amazing from them.  Then – they sat on my counter, judging me, for several days and then began to pass their peak of ripeness.  Not wanting to just let them rot – I Googled for recipes & saw this picture – below – from Snapguide.


The recipe boasted only two ingredients and, better yet, required the persimmons be frozen.  Freezing them allowed me to store them indefinitely & stop their ripening process – so I could use them whenever I was ready.  I was ready today.

So – I busted them out of the freezer – peeled & cubed them – and blended them with a can of full-fat coconut milk.  I was certain I was going to need sugar – but I didn’t!  And this stuff IS INSANELY DELICIOUS!  It took ten minutes to make & only a blender!   Just incredible!  I cannot recommend it highly enough!  And look how gorgeous!

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2-Ingredient Vegan Persimmon Ice Cream – Made in the Blender

Makes a pint or so…


5 persimmons – frozen solid (you can peel & cube them before or after they are frozen but it is easier before – then just put the cubes in a freezer bag & use when ready)

1 (15 oz) can of coconut milk

Garnish: pomegranate seeds (optional)

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Blend until smooth.  Serve immediately with pomegranate seeds or store in the freezer.

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