Vromage – A West Hollywood Vegan Cheese Shop

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2015 (except some here I took from Vromage’s site)

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vromans back

OK – so – I am about 75% vegan – in that I eat vegan about that often or more.  I have not had a hard time giving up meat or fish (except for sushi) but the one thing that I still occasionally indulge in is cheese.  I have been experimenting extensively with vegan cheeses with mixed results.  I reviewed these cheeses below HERE.





9-14-15 (8)

9-14-15 (7)

And these from Miyoko’s Kitchen.

01-miyokos-kitchen-vegan-cheese-classic-double-cream-chive 07-miyokos-kitchen-vegan-cheese-aged-english-sharp-farmhouse 08-miyokos-kitchen-vegan-cheese-aged-english-smoked-farmhouse 10-miyokos-kitchen-vegan-cheese-double-cream-garlic-herb

You can read that blog post for my opinions of those cheeses but if you live in LA and you are vegan – have I got news for you!

Behold!  VROMAGE!

(PS – Vromage SHIPS – so you can get it – even if you are not in LA – VROMAGE online store.)




I had long heard there was a vegan cheese store in West Hollywood but I always imagined it on Santa Monica Blvd in an area with heavy traffic & non-existent parking.  While I wanted to try the cheeses – I loathed the idea of driving west of La Brea & circling West Hollywood for hours – looking for some non-resident parking.

Then, last Friday, I had a photo session for a 90210 interview.  Here I am with the make-up artist, Noa Bolozky, and alone in a selfie in my bedroom afterward.  Noa does the MOST beautiful make-up!!!!  I will show some images from the session once the article runs.

9-21-15 (1)

9-18-15 (171)

Anyway – as I looked out the window from the photo studio – I spotted Vromage!  It is in the strip mall – a block east of the mall at Sunset & Crescent Heights – the one with a Crunch.  It is in that plaza on the left (NOT The Crunch mall) – and it nestled near the elbow of the mall.


So – as soon as I got out of that photo session – I headed directly to Vromage!  Noa beat me there & left swinging $70 worth of vegan cheese & a wearing a huge grin.   I braced myself for what promised to be a vegan adventure.

My mom & I were greeted by Youssef (seen below – in a photo I took from his site).


Isn’t he cute?  He was so excited to let us try his cheeses – it quickly became overwhelming.  In a good way!  If you look at the second picture from the top  – that was the selection he had available that day & we still must have tasted 7-8 cheeses.  Once I had that many flavors going on – I lost my ability to keep them straight.  I THINK – I left with a mozzarella, a truffle brie, a pepper jack and a Gorgonzola (Veganzolla below).

9-25a-15 (2)

I added this video so you can see how outrageously creamy & spreadable Vromage’s cheeses are.  The truffle brie (the top picture – first in this post) came the closest to matching both taste & texture (as this Gorgonzola was way creamier than real Gorgonzola – but I am not complaining!).  The mozzarella – seen center, below – was mild & light & creamy & Youssef advised that, if I was making a pizza, to add this cheese at the very end & just flash-bake it.  I did not make a pizza but I will soon & I will report back.

9-25a-15 (7)

The pepper jack is the yellow cheese with the red on it – not sure what spice(s) that might be but the cheese is peppery & yummy!

9-25a-15 (10)

9-25a-15 (12) 9-25a-15 (15)

Those are kiwi berries, by the way.  They are about the size of large grapes & are just like tiny, hairless kiwis.  I recommend trying them if you ever come across them.

Youssef also offers sandwiches etc.  See below.  My mom tried the caprese sandwich & raved!

9-18-15 (161) 9-18-15 (162)

Because my photos do not do Youssef’s whole situation & products any justice – here are some photos I nabbed from his site.

1035272_orig 3768475_orig 3882932_orig 4475879_orig 4720148_orig 6161621_orig 7257464_orig 7532375_orig 7931876_orig 8570925_orig 9208359_orig (1)


So – for my money – Vromage has produced the best vegan cheeses I have tried, to date, and by a wide margin.  Most will not fool a real cheese eater (though the brie really might) but these guys are SO fucking creamy & bursting with flavor – I think they really hold their own.  And if you are a long-time vegan – these cheeses will make you lose your shit.  They truly are creamy & decadent & just BEG to be spread on a crusty baguette with some jam or veggies & basil.   Treat yourself and run – don’t walk – to Vromage.  And be sure to engage with Youssef – the owner.  He is kind & accommodating & very proud of his product & will let you sample anything you want.

And remember!  Vromage SHIPS – so you can get it – even if you are not in LA – VROMAGE online store.  Whatcha waiting for?  Get your ass some cruelty-free cheeses!

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