Vegan Meatballs

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2015

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So – I made this vegan pasta using about 2 cups of flour & 3/4 cup semolina & about 1 cup of water & some salt by pulsing the dry ingredients in my food processor & then pulsing in the water until I got a dough.  The results were not perfect so I shan’t get more into that recipe.  I think egg-less pasta needs to be shorter & thicker – like cavatelli  – and not these thin & fragile noodles.  But this recipe is about the meatballs.   The mixture tastes lovely though my final result was a tad dry.  In reaction – I have upped the liquid ratio in this recipe.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on your results.

I added chia seeds to the recipe because my eye doctor was concerned that my near-vegan diet did not include enough Omega-3 vitamins.  Between the chia & the nutritional yeast – these guys are as good for you as they are yummy.

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Vegan Meatballs

Makes 20-25 meatballs – (ping-pong-ball sized)


4 cups vegan Beyond Meat beefy crumbles (or two+ packages)

1 TBS olive oil

1/2 large red onion – diced

1 (15 oz) can garbanzo beans – including the liquid

1/2 cup chia seeds

1/2 cup fresh parsley – chopped

3+ garlic cloves

1/4 cup nutritional yeast (optional)

1 TBS dry oregano

1 TBS dry basil

1/2 cup bread crumbs

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Heat the oven to 350.

Puree the onion, garbanzo beans AND THEIR LIQUID, chia, parsley, garlic, nutritional yeast, oregano & basil in a food processor.  Season with S&P.

Heat the olive oil & warm the puree through.  Let cool & form your meatballs.  I cooked mine on parchment paper but a greased cooking sheet will do.

Bake for 15-20 minutes & turn the meatballs.  Heat another 10-15.  The meatballs should be hot & have a slight brown/crisp.

Serve with pasta & sauce of choice.

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