Miracle Cure for Burns

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2015

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On Thursday evening, I came home to my boyfriend cooking us dinner.  A lovely thing, indeed!  A rose, a glass of wine & dinner are nice things to come home to.  Alas, Miles is not an experienced cook & thought the way to let boiling water simmer would be to put the pan of water in a 500 degree oven.   When I discovered this – I promptly took the pan from the oven & put it back on the stove with a stern warning to the badass, Miles Miller, that he not forget how hot the handle of the pan was (500 degrees – lest you forget) and that he be sure to use a pot holder when touching that handle.

Thirty seconds later, I went to move that pan to a different burner & just reached right out there & wrapped my bare palm nearly all the way around the handle.  Both Miles & I heard – yes, HEARD – the burn before my brain registered what it was.  I ripped my hand back & the searing pain kicked in immediately.  I looked at my hand and a bright red Nike swoosh looked back at me.  The handle of the pan looks like this (not my photo) and the imprint of it was clear – across the entire width of my right palm.


The pain was unimaginable and ice was the only thing that dulled it in the slightest.  I had several blocks of plastic-wrapped ice in my freezer that I had saved from my Blue Apron meal delivery last week and they were a Godsend because they are big & take a long time to melt & then the melted ice is contained in plastic – so there was no drippy mess.  But if I let go of the ice block for even ten seconds – hideous pain kicked in again.  I was dreading the days ahead as this burn went through its various stages & the huge bubble appeared and, placed in the palm of my hand as it was, the burn would be constantly irritated as I attempted daily tasks – and re-injured it over & over.

A few hours later, I remembered that my friend, Heather, had suffered an enormous 3rd degree burn in her lap from spilled boiling water.  She was in the hospital for a week & got cadaver grafts & the whole thing but her legs healed incredibly well.  I texted her in the hopes that she might have learned something about burns that I did not know – something more than icing it & using aloe.  Her answer was to put raw egg yolk on the burn & let it dry there.  Desperate for relief – I did just that.  Pardon the very bad photos but I was in agony & using my left hand to shot them.

7-4-15 (7) 7-4-15 (8)

In the lower photo – you can kinda see the end of the Nike swoosh on the left.  The pain reduced by about 75 percent IMMEDIATELY!!!  It was incredible!  I let the egg dry & did not wash it off.  And here is how my hand looked in the morning – before I washed it – with dry yolk still evident on my hand.

7-4-15 (1)

As you might be able to see – there is no water blister anywhere in my hand.  Absolutely zero pain.   See the shape of the pan handle there?  This photo was taken about 12 hours after I committed to gripping that 500 degree metal handle.  And the photo at the top of this post in not my hand pre-burn.  It is my hand today.  Look at this shit:

7-4a-15 (1)

If you know where to look – you can still see the vague swoosh there but you really gotta look hard for it.  That is my hand 36 hours after very severely burning it.  It should be red & have a huge water blister & it should still be throbbing & screaming its outrage at me but nothing.  No pain at all & almost no visual evidence of the burn.  I mean – there is a ghost sensation – almost like a mild sunburn – in my hand that reminds me which hand I hurt but it is hardly worth mentioning.

So – there you have it!  Got yourself a nasty kitchen burn?  EGG YOLKS!!!!  Absolutely a miracle cure!  Thank you, Heather!!! xo

PS – THIS ARTICLE lists egg WHITES as the miracle cure but the yolk worked wonders for me.

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