Vegan Blackberry Jam-Sriracha BBQ Pulled Chicken & Jackfruit Tacos

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2015

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So – a while back, I made that Pulled Vegan Chicken & Jackfruit with Blackberry Jam-Sriracha BBQ Sauce you see above.  The recipe made a lot of the stuff, so I posted a pasta & a pizza recipe using the leftovers – seen below.

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This is simply another idea for a way to reinvent the leftovers.  The recipe for the pulled chicken & jackfruit is HERE.  Then – you just make tacos the way you normally would – or load the taco the way you would load a pulled chicken sandwich – with pickles or coleslaw.  But – look at that vegan chicken & jackfruit!  Pretty convincing visually & it does not disappoint in the flavor department, either.  I promise.  Even the texture seems authentic.

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Vegan Blackberry Jam-Sriracha BBQ Pulled Chicken & Jackfruit Tacos


Pulled chicken & jackfruit

corn tortillas




lime wedges

and anything else you wanna put on these guys

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Make the pulled chicken & jackfruit.

I warm my corn tortillas on the burners of my stove – then I just pile filling into them.


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