Vegan Indian Chicken Coconut Curry (Slow Cooker)



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BUT – this dish today has to be the easiest BY FAR and it is so fucking delicious – I can hardly stand it!   Just throw the ingredients into a slow cooker & come back in two hours and HOLY SHIT!  The house smells like an Indian restaurant & the curry is SO yummy & creamy & vegan!  So – what is your excuse?

Go buy some Beyond Meat chicken & get the party started!

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Vegan Indian Chicken Coconut Curry (Slow Cooker)

Serves four or more – especially with rice


(any vegetables work but I used the ones listed)

9 oz vegan chicken

1 tomato – diced

5 mushrooms – sliced

1 onion – diced

1 cup peas

1 cup dry (or canned) chickpeas

4 cloves garlic – chopped

1 TBS ginger – minced

6 oz tomato paste

1 (15 oz) can lite coconut milk

1 can Rotel (or 15 oz diced tomatoes)

1 TBS turmeric

1 TBS chili powder

1 TBS curry powder

1 TBS garam masala (if you can’t find it – make it – recipe HERE)

10 green cardamom pods (if you can’t find it – blow it off)

1 TBS cornstarch

2 cups vegetable stock

1 TBS nutritional yeast (very optional)

Cooked rice

Cilantro as garnish

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Put everything except the peas & cilantro into a slow cooker.  Set on high.  Cook two hours or until the chick peas are tender (not an issue if you used canned ones).

Stir in the peas.

Serve with rice & garnish with cilantro.

It don’t get easier than that, bitchez!

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