Lemon & Rice Egg Drop Soup with Cauliflower & Baby Kale

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2013

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This soup is really easy & a great way to use up leftover rice.  I attempted to make a more traditional Greek Avgolemono but I had a hard time keeping the egg creamy.  You are supposed to whisk egg & lemon together & then drizzle in hot water while whisking until it becomes creamy so you no longer risk the egg cooking upon contact with the soup stock.  I failed at this step so my soup has that feathery cooked egg on the surface.  The fact is, it doesn’t taste any different & it looks kinda pretty – so – I am going with this as an egg drop soup.   You can try to achieve the creamier-looking version yourself and, if you fail, you will end up with the same delicious result that I did.  So – never fear.

I used orange cauliflower to make it a bit heartier & added baby kale for color.  Neither of these things are necessary.  Lemon, rice & eggs make a perfectly lovely, comforting soup.


Lemon & Rice Egg Drop Soup with Cauliflower & Baby Kale


8 cups vegetable (or chicken) stock

4 eggs

5 TBS lemon juice

3-4 cups cooked rice (add more for a thicker soup)

1/2 head cauliflower – cut into tiny florets (optional)

1 cup baby kale (optional)

S&P to taste

Extra lemon wedges for garnish

Extra baby kale as garnish




Cook the rice if you have none leftover from something else.

Heat the stock with the cauliflower (if using).   Scoop out about a cup or two of hot stock.  Whisk the eggs with the lemon juice.  Whisking continually, slowly drizzle the hot stock into the eggs.  They should get kinda creamy looking.  Add this warmed egg mix to the stock.  Add the rice.  Stir it together for a few minutes.  You will either get the opaque, creamy texture of traditional Avgolemono – or you will get the feathery-looking egg bits on the top like I did.  Either way, season it with S&P.  Add the baby kale.  If it gets too thick, just add more stock or water.  Serve with a bit more kale on top & a lemon wedge.  Mmmmmmmm!


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