Tomato & Feta Salad with Fresh Herbs



All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2013

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I feel like I am cheating here, posting these recipes that hardly count as recipes but fuck it.  This salad is easy, fast & delicious.  My measurements here are loose & open to your interpretation – so feel free to tweak this one as you please.

One note – NEVER put your tomatoes in the fridge!  It damages their flavor & texture.  You can Google the question for lots of thoughts on this but, trust me, counter top only for tomatoes.

This is a fairly decent sized portion of salad & can easily feed 4 as a salad course.  If that is more or less than you need – the basic ratio is equal parts tomato to feta – and the rest you can eyeball.  I used this pomegranate champagne vinegar but any nice white wine vinegar would work.



Tomato & Feta Salad with Fresh Herbs


2 pints cherry tomatoes (or similar quantity of other tomatoes)

8 ounces good quality feta cheese

1 small red onion – in a 1/4 inch dice

olive oil

Champagne or white wine vinegar

Fresh mint or fresh basil & parsley – minced

S&P to taste



Cut the cherry tomatoes in half – alternating the way you halve them.  Or – dice your regular tomatoes.  Cube the cheese into 1/4 inch bits.  Toss the tomato & feta & diced onion with a good drizzle of both olive oil & the vinegar & sprinkle liberally with the herbs of your choice.  Add S&P & serve!



2 thoughts on “Tomato & Feta Salad with Fresh Herbs

  1. I hadn’t heard of that vinegar before and I’m drooling. Gotta give it a go. I miss living in wine country just for this (okay for this and 40,000 other) reasons. I love hanging my tomatoes, and banana trees, and just think of veggies and fruits as such a great part of decor, the ideas of hiding them in fridges.. eek!


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