Leftover Vegan (or not) Spaghetti Pizza

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2013

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So, the night before last, I made a Homemade Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with Broccoli Rabe & Poached Eggs.  Isn’t it pretty?


But, last night, I found myself with several servings of it left over & I wasn’t really in the mood to repeat the meal exactly.  Plus, this blog pressures me to make and relentlessly photograph something new as often as possible.  So – I pondered what I could do with this leftover pasta.  Pizza, I thought!  Why not use it as a base for pizza?  And that is what I did.

I used this homemade spaghetti which is a little more dense & less flexible than boxed spaghetti would be.  I also decided to try this without adding anything to it to bind it (like and egg or two, a little milk & a little cheese) – primarily because I was out of eggs but also because, if it could work without those extra calories, I wanted it to.

I titled this recipe vegan only because it is so easily converted to a vegan recipe simply by replacing the fresh mozzarella with some vegan alternative.

This dish was a little hairy to make because I fried the spaghetti on one side & then needed to invert it from the frying pan onto a plate and re-oil the pan & then slide the spaghetti back into the hot oil.  Inverting a frying pan over your forearm is a very dangerous thing so WEAR OVEN MITTS and go light on the oil so there isn’t extra in there to spill out all over you.  This process might have been achieved with a large spatula – had I used eggs etc to bind it.  I will try it that way next time.

And there will be a next time because this was kinda fun.  Once on your plate, you are really just eating a triangle-shaped wedge of spaghetti but the crunch from the frying is nice.  Any kind of leftover pasta (with the sauce on it) would likely work – even other shapes of pasta – but I might avoid trying this with a cream-based sauce (like Alfredo) as the dairy would likely just burn.  The hunk of dark you might spot in mine are the bits of broccoli rabe from the night before.



Leftover Vegan (or not) Spaghetti Pizza


Leftover spaghetti

Some sort of sauce or fresh tomatoes to top it

Some kind of pizza cheese – vegan or otherwise

Olive oil

And really anything else you might use to top a pizza.


Heat your oven to 450 degrees.

Heat 1-2 TBS olive oil in a frying pan.  Press a layer of pasta into it & use a lid to really compress it.  Fry it over medium heat until crisped & golden – maybe eight minutes.


CAREFULLY invert it onto a large plate, add 2 TBS olive oil to the hot pan & return the spaghetti to the pan for another 5-6 minutes.  Transfer the spaghetti to a greased pizza pan.  Top it as you will & bake it until your cheese is melted or golden to your taste.  Slice it up & shove it in your gullet.



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