Ciggy’s 4 Less in North Hollywood, California

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2013

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Hey guys!  I wrote a funny novel!  I hope you will check it out!


Say, what’s this, you ask?  A cigarette post on a food porn blog?  How vulgar!  Uncouth! Degenerate!

And while I understand your reaction – let me offer this explanation.  I do not smoke.  I never have.  Yeah, sure.  I have puffed my way through a few in my lifetime, made reckless either by youth or alcohol but in all cases – I regretted it.  I think cigarettes are really gross & I am very grateful for every stride this country takes making smokers feel like second-hand-smoke-baby-killers & relegating them to places like those DEPRESSING lucite cubes they corral them in at airports & the like.   It is so nice to come home from a night at a bar & not return home with hair that smells so bad that it gags you.  Nice not to have to wash all the clothes your wore, etc.  The one time I can get behind smoking is perhaps controversial but I stand by it.  It is OK to smoke if you are just trying to look cool.  I mean – look at these babes! (images stolen from Google)




No.  I am kidding.  I don’t think smoking looks cool.  Not anymore, at least.  But, the reality is – is that my boyfriend is a pretty heavy smoker and I am blown away by the amount of money he spends on cigarettes.  So – when driving through North Hollywood one day – I spotted a sign that read “Cigarettes – any carton – $24.95” and I thought of Miles.  On his most recent trip to Los Angeles, I dragged him out there to suss out the situation.  Neither of us had any real expectation that he would be buying cartons of Marlboro Lights for $25 but it was worth the trip to find out.  We parked outside the very nondescript exterior (seen here – the white storefront to the left of Odyssey):


which was now devoid of any signage & stepped inside to see this:


It looked like a store that was going out of business.  To our surprise – we were greeted warmly & cheerfully.  Folks wanted to know how they could help.  Miles inquired about the $25 carton of cigarettes & they explained the situation.  You tell them your regular brand & they custom blend a few fresh tobaccos so that the resulting product tastes like your brand BUT without any chemicals or additives or any other harmful matter beyond what comes naturally in tobacco.  Then – for $25 – they give you a box of 200 empty cigarette tubes & you use a huge machine there & basically roll your own!  Here is the machine:


Inside looks like this:


They put your box of tubes in a large cartridge & slide it into the machine & before you know it – the machine is spitting out perfect cigarettes.  Here is Miles watching his first few emerge.


And here is a video!

The finished product looks like this:


So – while I do not encourage anyone take up the very nasty & VERY dangerous habit of smoking – it is kind of nice – for the inveterate smokers out there – to have an option like this that cuts out at least some of the toxins & a lot of the cost.  Perhaps, once you were fully transitioned to smoking just these – the quitting completely part might be that much easier.  I don’t know.  I just really liked the whole “roll your own” vibe & the people at Ciggy’s were really friendly.

Ciggy’s 4 Less is at 4812 Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood, 91601.  They even sell Tupperware-style containers to store the ciggies in & protect them from being crushed.  They also have a loyalty program involving referrals & frequent smoker miles.   Check them out, smokers, and don’t say I never did anything for you!

And PS – they also claim to be able to repair ANY broken computer or smart phone!


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