Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey Marinated BBQ Pork Loin


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Hey, kids!  I wrote a hilarious novel!  Read the reviews on Amazon!  Buy it – read it!  Laugh until you pee!

Now – food!

I don’t eat meat & haven’t since the late 80’s.  Some time in that period, my then boyfriend & I were renting a house that had a strange chicken coop kinda thing in the yard.  The house was on Mount Washington in Highland Park – not exactly a rural location – but we thought – a few chickens might be fun.  We thought we could raise them & then eat the eggs they produced.  So – we bought a book hilariously titled “Poultry as a Hobby” – found a pet store selling teenage chicks, bought a few – and built a little chicken-wire run around the coop and deposited the new pets into their new home.

A few weeks later, as I was hosting a dinner party, I remembered I had neglected to lock the chickens back up inside their coop for the night.  I ran outside but, even though it had just gotten dark out – in the dim light – I could see that there were no chickens in the run.  Coyotes had gotten them all, leaving no trace of their crime.  I returned to my dinner party, sobbing, and declared to my guests, “No chicken will ever again die because of me!”  And I gave up all meat & poultry forever – right then & there.

That boyfriend has since gone on to marry & have a pack of gorgeous, bi-lingual kids & open a chain of AMAZING gourmet pizza places all over France (and in other parts of Europe).  Look up PINK FLAMINGO PIZZA, if you are ever in Paris.  Truly inventive & amazing pizzas.  With lots of meat.  HERE is a post I wrote about the restaurant last year.  Definitely check it out!

My current boyfriend is also an over-achieving carnivore & regularly orders things with names like “Meat Lover’s Pizza.”  He happened to be in town for Easter this past weekend & I decided to treat him to something other than my vegetarian pastas & pizzas.  I bought a huge log of pork loin at Costco that was nearly as long as his leg & as big around as his slim thigh.  And it was only $20!  Who knew pork was such an economical way to feed people?  $20 for nine pounds of pork loin? Wowza!

3-29a-13 (51) 3-29a-13 (52) 3-29a-13 (53)

So – I brought it home & cut it into three roasts & marinated it for three days.  On the day, I fired up some coals on a grill & when they were all hot & ashy – I put one of the roasts on the grill.  I decided to cook one up on its own lest I try to cook – and ruin – all three at once.  It blackened nicely on the outside & took probably 45-60 minutes to finally reach 145 degrees in the thickest part (a meat thermometer is crucial for cooking pork).  I let it rest for about ten minutes & then sliced it up.  Miles, my boyfriend, tasted it & gave it his seal of approval.

I put the other two chunks of meat on the grill but the grill was only hot enough, by that point, to char the outside.  So – I put them in a roast pan with some olive oil & baked them at 350 for about 30 minutes – until they, too, were 145 degrees inside.  Then I just sliced them all up, too, and put them on a platter with little slider rolls & a few variations of BBQ sauce.  It smelled incredible & people inhaled it.  I highly recommend trying this if you want an easy & cheap way to feed about 20 people!


Here are the ingredients I used for the marinade:

9 pounds pork loin – divided into three

1 cup Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey

2 TBS Worcestershire sauce

1 cup Dijon mustard

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup soy sauce

1/2 cup your favorite BBQ sauce

3-29a-13 (54)

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