Pimai It’s Thai – Hollywood, California

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2013

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Pimai.  It’s Thai!!  That name cracks me up.  It is hard for me to ever venture into any Thai restaurant other than my luhvah – Torung – but Torung doesn’t open until 5pm & I wanted lunch so I went to the Thai place nearest to where I live – Pimai It’s Thai.  I have eaten here before & have enjoyed it a great deal.  Their brown rice is actually a shade of purple & has a nuttiness that is really nice.  I forgot to ask for that rice yesterday – and maybe the lunch special doesn’t even offer that but the food we got yesterday was pretty great.  I had the Basil & Chili Shrimp Stir Fry (pictured above) & Miles had the same but with beef.


I actually ordered scallops – but they were out.  The specials at lunch are $6.50 for veggie or tofu items, $7.50 for chicken or beef & $8.50 for shrimp or scallops.  The special includes rice, a little salad with a honey mustard dressing, a bowl of a consomme-like soup with spinach & some mystery (but tasty) bits in it:


and a fried dumpling that I did not try because Miles believed it was pork-filled.   Both of us were impressed with how clean and how genuinely spicy the dishes were.  And the perfect amount of food for a good lunch.

There is outdoor seating – which is nice – and bizarrely uncommon in city that has nice weather 99% of the year.  Boston & NY offer far more outdoor dining options, I find.  Perhaps because everyone wants to enjoy the far less frequent fair weather there while they can.

Anyway – we sat outside & I neglected to photograph the interior.  Sorry.  HERE is their website, though, so take a peek.

And for your amusement – here are a few images of the ever Mercurial Miles B. Miller, my beer-drinking BF – and a picture of his frosty beer!



3-29a-13 (1)

And here are some pretty flowers that were nearby.


Pimai It’s Thai (please ALWAYS use the full name when referring to this establishment) is located across from the Gelson’s on Franklin in the same strip mall with my new morning haunt – Tang Donuts.  I happen to be the FourSquare mayor of Tang Donuts – FYI – as I am (and will now likely always be) mayor of my now defunkt donut spot – Alex Donut.  At any rate – the strip mall isn’t especially appealing but the food at Pimai It’s Thai is & I highly recommend their exceedingly affordable lunch special.  Here is our bill:


Much like at Sushi Stop – it is the inclusion of cocktails that ratchets the bill up.  If you have a handle on your day drinking – you can do much better than Miles & I do. At keeping the bill down, that is.  Without alcohol – we could have gotten out of there for about $20, including tip.

So – yeah.  Give Pimai It’s Thai a chance.  I don’t think you will regret it.


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