Homemade Arugula Pasta Dough & Bucatini

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Last week I posted two things on my Facebook wall that had unexpected consequences.  One was that I posted an “OMG – I MUST have this pasta cutter!” and another was an RIP announcement for my old Cuisinart food processor.  The repercussions?  On my birthday Tuesday, my friend Randy stepped up & offered me his unused Cuisinart which I gratefully accepted.  I use my food processor almost every day – often several times.  Life without one would be unimaginable.  Then, my friend Rose announced she had the pasta cutter thingy & she never used that.  She wrapped it up and gave it to me for my birthday.  AND – my mother secretly went ahead & bought me the pasta cutter, too and then a bunch of my friends got together & chipped in & bought me a brand new Cuisinart!  So – I will return the pasta cutter my mother was generous enough to send me but the second Cuisinart means no more digging through the dishwasher midway through its cleaning process to ferret out the work bowl & blades for the food processor.  Now I can have TWO working food processors going at once!  And trust me – I will.


I got home last night at midnight with the new Cuisinart & pasta cutter and now, 11 hours later, I have slept & already used them both and created this outrageous ARUGULA BUCATINI!


Actually – I thought I was making bucatini until I was done.  Then I saw that the blade read “small macaroni.”  But what is the difference?  Well – the bucatini press creates smooth, rather than ridged, tubes and, if you are making small macaroni, you cut the tubes shorter, obviously. But fuck it.  I’m calling this bucatini – long, hollow pasta.  If you do not have this crazy pasta cutter – you can simply roll this dough flat & thin & hand cut it with a knife and create pappardelle – like I did HERE.

I added 5 oz of arugula to the dough & voila!  Try it.  It is easy – especially if you have all these incredible kitchen devices.  If not – it can still be done – just with a bit more elbow grease.  I have several varieties of pasta posted on this blog including simple egg pasta, spinach pasta, cilantro-serrano pasta, kale pasta, lemon-pepper pasta, orecchiette, pumpkin gnocchi, beet cavatelli and beet ravioli – and each illustrates a different way to execute homemade pasta.  Some, like the cavatelli & orecchiette, are vegan and neither of these requires special tools.  Others – like today’s post – kinda require you have a few appliances.   Just know – there is an easy, homemade pasta for every level of cook – with or without fancy tools.

I realized today as I made this that I used 1) the new Cuisinart 2) the new pasta cutter 3) my bread machine & 4) my Kitchenaid stand mixer – and I realized that each of these tools were given to me by others.  What well chosen gifts they were, too!  I use – and will use – them almost every day until they die.  Or I do.  So – THANK YOU – all you folks that invested in my love of cooking!



Arugula Pasta Dough & Bucatini


5 oz fresh arugula

3 1/2 cups flour

4 eggs

1 tsp salt

water & extra flour for kneading



Blanch the arugula in boiling water for about 30 seconds, drain & run under cold water.  Squeeze out the excess water & blend the arugula with the eggs in a food processor.


I put the flour, salt & egg-arugula mix into my bread machine & let it run a few minutes on the “pasta dough” cycle.  Alternatively, you can create a well with the flour & put the egg mix & salt in the center.  Slowly incorporate all the flour into the eggs as illustrated HERE.  Then you can roll it thin with a rolling pin & cut pappardelle like I did HERE.  Or – if you have the tools – you can cut it into a tubed pasta – as I did.


Look at how easy this incredible thing is to use!

Let it dry and hour or more.  To cook – simply add the pasta to boiling water & cook until it floats to the surface – usually less than a minute – unless it is a more dense pasta like this.  The bucatini took over ten minutes to be al dente.   Serve with the sauce of your choice!



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