Vegetable Pot Pie & Cupcakes

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Well – so much for a grocery budget.  If I include the black market wine I recently bought with cash out of a van in a parking lot this week – I have already spent $585 on groceries this month. Seems insane as I’ve eaten little else than my leftover broccoli & cheese torte, leftover black beans & coconut rice, leftover pizza cupcakes, and now leftover deep dish pizza since the start of the month – and I will have MORE deep dish pizza & now pot pie & pot pie cupcakes to contend with for days stretching far into my future.  The good news is – I won’t be spending money on wine for a while but still.  OUCH!

So – yesterday I posted an Indian Spinach Curry Cupcake but I made regular vegetable pot pie cupcakes at the same time.  I also made a full-sized pot pie.  This recipe should provide you with enough tart dough & filling to make 6 cupcakes & one full-sized pot pie.  I actually had half an herbed tart dough recipe in the freezer – and made another whole batch without herbs.  So – 1.5 quantity of the recipe was enough dough for 6 spinach cupcakes, 6 pot pies & a full-sized pot pie.  This recipe HERE should be enough for the six pot pie cupcakes & the full pot pie.  There was even a little extra with which I made a braided treat.

I used canned peas because they were cheaper than the larger bag of frozen ones.  I used canned corn because – BIZARRELY – my grocer had zero fresh corn on the cob.  I recommend buying two ears & cutting the kernels off & using fresh corn here – if you can.

I used the cans of Campbell’s soup because 1) I had them and 2) they seemed less fatty (and easier & cheaper) than a fresh milk & flour or heavy cream & flour replacement.  I used one can of creamed mushroom & one of creamed celery – because that was what I had.  Two of either is fine.  You could do this in a fancier way – making your own roux or whatever but really.  Why?  Sodium, you say?  Well, yes.  Yes – you got me there.  But at least now I can blame my middle-aged bloat on Campbell’s free hand with the salt rather than my carbohydrate, cheese & black market wine loaded diet.  A girl needs a scapegoat – and right now, for me, Campbell’s fits the bill.  And my budget.  So fuck it.

As to celery root – I am kinda having an affair of sorts with those guys.  I have long said that parsley & celery get the short shrift in the culinary world – often written off as garnish or soup stock staples to be tossed once drained of their flavors.  But I love them both.  Clean & fresh – they add more than they get credit for.  And celery root has a cool, creamy, light celery aroma & a completely different texture.  It makes the greatest soup – as in a celery root bisque sort of thing.  I used it in my stuffing this past Thanksgiving – and I used it here. I recommend trying it – but it might not be available near you.  I am surprised to see just how available it is near me because I don’t ever hear anyone talking about using it but the stores wouldn’t carry it if it didn’t sell – so – there.  Mainstream stores like Pavilions carry it here – so look around for some near you.  It is that big, brown rooty-softball looking thing below.  Also – I was going to include sweet potato in this but I baked it into a mush & decided against including it.




Vegetable Pot Pie & Cupcakes

Homemade Herbed Tart Crust Pastry

NOTE:  – this is enough for 6 cupcakes AND extra to line the bottom & top of a full-sized pot pie.


3 cups flour

12 TBS butter (salted, if possible) – CHILLED and cubed

2 eggs

1+ TBS fresh thyme (or diced fresh sage or fresh parsley or fresh oregano) OPTIONAL


1/4 tsp salt


Mix the salt & flour together in your food processor (or in a bowl – as this dough could be made by hand – just not by me).

Pulse in the butter until it is incorporated into the dough.  Pulse in the fresh herbs.  Pulse in the two eggs.  Add water 1 TBS at a time until small lumps of dough form.

Divide the dough in half.  Roll the dough out on a floured surface.  Roll out half for the cupcakes.  I used a small bowl to cut out 12 circular disks.  I made them all the larger size required to line the bottoms of my cupcake pan.  I had to ball up the extra bits & roll it out again to get my 12 disks.  

I divided the remaining dough in two.  I rolled them out flat, lined the bottom of my pie dish & left the other (the topper) flat on a plate.

Spray your cupcake tin with cooking spray and line each cup with pastry.

Refrigerate your pastry-lined cupcake pan, the pie dish & the topper for at least 30 minutes.

(the dough below is sans herbs)



Vegetable Pot Pie & Cupcakes


Tart dough (recipe above)

4 TBS butter

1 medium onion – diced

1/2 celery root – peeled & diced (optional but DELICIOUS!)

2 carrots – diced

2 celery stalks – diced

1 baked potato (or boiled) – diced

handful of chopped parsley

2 TBS Fresh Thyme – chopped

1/2 tsp dry thyme

1/2 tsp oregano

8.5 oz canned corn (or half a 15 oz can) – OR – the kernels cut from two ears of fresh corn

8.5 oz canned peas (or half a 15 oz can)

1   10 3/4 oz can Cream of Celery soup

1   10 3/4 oz can Cream of Mushroom soup

up to 1 cup milk (optional)

1 egg – whisked – for the crust wash (optional)

Melt the butter in a large saute pan.  Add the diced onion, carrots, celery root, celery stalks & saute for about ten minutes or until the harder veggies are tender.  Add the potato, corn, peas, parsley, fresh thyme, dry thyme, oregano, both soups and S&P to taste.  CAREFULLY fold these ingredients together being careful not to mush up the soft potato.  If you like the contents of your pot pies to be wetter & creamier – add some milk to thin up the veggies to your taste.  Set aside.

12-12-12 (14)

12-12-12 (13)

12-12-12 (16)

Get the cupcake tin out of the fridge & fill each cup with the veggie mix.   Top with the cupcake tops & pinch the rims closed with your fingers. VENT with a fork or knife.

 The images below include 6 spinach curry cupcakes.  I added the soup directly atop each cupcake with the veggie mix but I now recommend that the soup & liquid (milk – if using) be added in the saute pan – as it blends better.

IMG_2275 IMG_2276

For the full-sized pie, fill it with the remaining veggie mix.   Top with the crust & trim, seal & flute the edge.  Brush all your pastries with egg wash (if using).  VENT each pie with a fork or the tip of a knife.

Brush all your pastry with egg wash (if using).

Like my little black bird pie vent???  I do!

You will see below that I began to doubt the moisture level of this pie so I drizzled heavy cream on top.  You will also see in the end result that the cream pretty much stayed where it landed – offering no moisture to the veggies below – so do not make this calorie adding & useless step.

12-12-12a (2) 12-12-12a (3) 12-12-12a (5)

There is the drizzled heavy cream.  Blow that off.  Add any moisture you want to add (like some milk) to the veggie blend in the pan & stir it up before putting the mix into the pastry.  Trim & flute your edges.

12-12-12a (7) 12-12-12a (11)

I washed the crust of just the full-sized pie with a watered down heavy cream because I was too cheap to waste an egg.  The cupcakes went in dry.  Anyway – either use a Goddamn egg or use nothing.  Sometimes I am really an ass.  Black market wine by the case?  OF COURSE!  One egg to make my blog a success?  Uhm…..nah.

12-12-12 (36)

12-12-12 (34)

Bake the cupcakes 20-25 minutes – or until their crusts look nicely golden.

Bake the full pot pie 25-35 minutes – or until golden – checking frequently to be sure you do not burn the crust.

Let the cupcakes & pot pie sit for ten minutes before serving.


Note the heavy cream just under the crust in the sliced image.  It trickled down a little – but not like I’d hoped.  (Insert scathing political joke about the Republican “trickle down” theory of economics.)

12-12-12a (18)

12-12-12a (23)

12-12-12a (26)

12-12-12a (32)

Not wanting to waste anything – I used the extra dough & braided & baked it.  It was yummy!

12-12-12a (12) 12-12-12a (13) 12-12-12a (14)

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