Fish Tacos at The Cat & Fiddle in Hollywood

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2012

Yesterday was a ridiculously gorgeous day & I needed a way to kill it – with dignity  – not holed up in my troglodyte’s haven – day drinking over my millionth homemade pizza.  My friend Katie & I decided that something greasy, perhaps on a bun, definitely in public, maybe with a rowdy or, at least, spirited crowd, beer & outdoor seating was in order.  After rejecting Saddle Ranch (which we only considered due to its proximity to our decision-making locale) as a place for the Jager & beer bong crowd – we remembered Cat & Fiddle.  It seemed a perfect choice – though I feared it would be packed & the outdoor seating option (a primary concern) taken out of play.  Sitting inside a dark pub on a gorgeous Los Angeles holiday weekend would be a sin.  As it happened – we got rock star parking & the place was deserted.



Inside & out.



Pardon the sub-par images but the bright, speckled sunlight made getting surreptitious but lovely outdoor photos impossible – and inside – it just felt rude to linger photographing the few folks that were belly up to the bar.

After some discussion – Katie opted for fish & chips & a hard cider – while I had fish tacos & a Stella.


I find the food here quite good – assuming you are ready to eat PUB food & not fucking quinoa risotto and things made of kale, sea palm & kelp.  If healthy eating is your goal – head to the good but insanely pretentious Cafe Gratitude (check out this menu – which isn’t far away.  My fish tacos – while fried – were very yummy.  I ate everything – including a side of fries.  Katie cleaned her plate, too, except for the infinity of peas that made up the bed for her haddock & fries.  Seriously – they must have given her and entire bag of frozen peas.  I wonder in what quantity they get their peas delivered – because they cannot seem to unload enough on any one unsuspecting diner.

The patio outside is full of trees & umbrellas & flowers & a center fountain.  And – most delightful – is the doggy menu – for when your dog is your date – DOG MENU.  It is a perfect place for summer eating & drinking & getting fat.  With your dog.  Can’t beat that!  So after 2500 calories, two beers & both of us feeling like we’d swallowed a cinder block, Katie & I stepped out of Cat & Fiddle very happy to have killed a few sunny hours in their dog-friendly, garden patio.


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