F.T.W. Pizza – with Macaroni & Cheese

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All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2012

Ever had a bad day?  No, me either.

Just kidding.   We all have & we all will again.  Sadly.  Things go wrong.  Couples break up, taxes are due, computers crash, you get fired.  Didn’t get that two line part on that stupid show you feel is beneath you anyway?  Did you spend $100 on lottery tickets & not hit ONE number?  Did you find the BEST pair of shoes ever in an unbelievable sale – but they didn’t have your size?  Did you diet all month – and yet – SOMEHOW – gain a pound?  Did your unemployment run out?  Agent drop you?  Have your period for 14 days (sorry guys – but shit happens)?  Did your boss take something out on you that wasn’t your fault?  Big zit on your nose?  Hung over?  Run out of one color of printer ink in an emergency & were forced to go buy the fucking cartridge at Staples for $45 when you could have gotten it online for $5 – if you’d had time?  Forced to hear Sarah Palin’s voice or fight with an ignoramus about American “freedom” as if we were the only free friggin’ country?   Dog shit on your new carpet?  Inlaws staying with you?  Thought there was more dirty Chard in that box of wine than there really was & now you are left only half in the bag when you really needed an ALL IN THE BAG night?  Oh – I could go on & on but let’s just get to it.

Bad day?  Try my “Fuck the World” Pizza.  It is pizza topped with leftover mac & cheese & some more cheese.  How can you go wrong with that??  17,000 calories & a bottle of red wine later – things start not looking so grim after all.  So – carb up & FTW!




FTW Pizza – with Macaroni & Cheese


Pizza Dough

Some kinda jarred sauce (I used this)

Mac & cheese – leftover is best

Grated cheese

Chopped fresh basil

And I added jalapenos & pepperoncini – because I like a little (lot) of spice


Assemble the pizza – keeping the basil aside.  Cook it at 450 degrees until it is browned nicely.  Top with the chopped basil.  Slice it up.  Shove it in your face.  Go into a Diabetic coma.  Gain 5 pounds.  Fuck the world!



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