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Macho Meringue Martini

All Photos in this post – Go Cook Yourself

I don’t know how I found this blog but I can tell you I am pretty sure this picture of a Spinach & Feta Tart was involved:


Doesn’t that look RIDICULOUS!?

I love the simply stated recipes with the verb in bold & the minimalist instructions.  Here is the tart recipe (for example):

400g Spinach / 300g Feta Cheese / 100g Pine Nuts / 50g Cheddar Cheese / 5 Eggs / 1 Lemon / Oregano / Nutmeg / Filo Pastry / Cayenne Pepper / Greaseproof Paper / Oil (1)

HEAT oven to 200C

POUR drop of oil onto 50cm of greaseproof paper and spread out

MAKE square of filo using four pieces of pastry, overlapping edges slightly

SPRINKLE on cayenne pepper

REPEAT process twice, building the filo pastry up in layers

SET aside pastry square

TOAST pine nuts lightly in a frying pan

WILT spinach in pan until dense

GRATE half a Nutmeg into spinach (2)

CRACK eggs into large bowl and whisk

CRUMBLE in Feta and grated Cheddar (3)

ADD grated lemon rind and spinach

SEASON with pepper and pinch of Oregano

MIX with a large spoon

PREPARE baking tin with greaseproof paper

LINE tin with filo pastry square

POUR in spinach and feta mix (4)

PULL pastry over filling

THROW in oven for 20 mins (5)

DON’T promote it on Tumblr cos it will break and bitches will hate you

Please note the final instruction.  While the photographs (so beautifully done!) were what lured me to this blog – it is the cheeky irreverence that keeps me checking back.

FIND recipes for Tap That Ass Risotto:


or a Lonely Island Iced Tea (again – note the final instruction):



1/2 Shot Vodka / 1/2 Shot White Rum / 1/2 Shot Gin / 1/2 Shot Triple Sec (Orange Liqueur) / Lemon Juice / Cola

ADD alcohol to shaker with lemon juice


POUR over ice

TOP with coke

DRINK four by yourself and pass out


That is the image for High on Brownies.

And look at these amazing breakfasts!!!


Ymmmmm!  So – if you like a smart ass AND you like cooking AND you like gorgeous food porn – Go Cook Yourself is the blog for you!!!!  Now – go cook yourself!


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