Hangover Cure #2 – The Indomitable Kraft Macaroni & Cheese



All Photos © Christine Elise McCarthy 2012

This is no insider’s secret.  Kraft mac & cheese has been there for most of us when, it seemed, nobody else was.  I know that most of us have our own ways to customize this classic: some like to add ketchup or cut up hotdogs or Lord knows what else.  I am a purist, however, and tend to like it in its basic form.  If I am feeling adventurous – I add a hot sauce.  My favorites of the hot sauce varieties tend to be the absolute cheapest ones like Rooster or the wonderful Crystal – pictured above.  I can practically drink that stuff from the bottle.  Cholula is very popular – though I find it thick & overpowering.  But, fellow foodies, however you like to prepare your Kraft, feel no shame in the indulgence.  This is the food of the Gods.

One little secret I will share is that, if calories are an issue for you, you can make this stuff without the milk & butter.  Just do not drain the pasta as well as you might otherwise, add a little salt when you mix in that gorgeous, chemical-waste orange cheese powder – and eat fast.  It won’t be creamy & it will clump up faster as a result – but I tend to inhale an entire box of this in well under five minutes so all that creamy texture is wasted on me anyway.  In fact, the sticky clumping facilitates easier shoveling into my indelicate maw and I, for one, appreciate that.

Eat Kraft for any of your three daily meals (breakfast pasta is quite trendy these days!) – twice in a day if you need extra comforting.  Combine this with hangover cure #1 (beer) – and you will be saying “What hangover?” before you know it!


2 thoughts on “Hangover Cure #2 – The Indomitable Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

  1. Dehydration is a common effect of a hangover. This can be reduced by drinking a lot of water. I drink a lot of water and lemon juice to get rid of a hangover. I also tried an anti-hangover product ‘PRE|GAME’ and it worked.


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