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Photo Credit: On Life & Beans

Because I don’t think blogging is a competitive sport but, rather, a community – I thought I might occasionally point a finger in the direction of folks that I think have something interesting to say, especially if they are saying stuff I am not.  That way – people following me here can benefit from the experiences, philosophies & skills of bloggers (cooks) they might not find otherwise.


First up – ON LIFE & BEANS 

My friend Andrea runs this blog.  She is married and is mother to six kids!  She has a lot on her plate, so to speak, and a lot of plates to put stuff on.  Her blog is devoted primarily to making crowd pleasing and economically friendly meals.  Most of her posts list actual food costs.

I had the great honor of being a guest at her home where she had to serve dinner to six children & six adults.  There were stuffed mushrooms & chips & salsa & iced tea & salad & homemade bread & lentils & rice.  I think I am remembering it all.  EVERYTHING (except the corn chips) was homemade from scratch (lots of the veggies were from the garden!) and incredibly tasty!   Her bread & her lentil recipes (I think) are posted in her blog.  If feeding a lot of people hearty, delicious food with not a lot of money – and maybe having to navigate a spectrum of palate sensitivities is your conundrum – Andrea’s blog is for you.  Check it out!!!


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