RUA – A Beautiful Red Wine

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Photo © Christine Elise McCarthy 2012

Meet RUA – the passion project of my friends Maire & Walt.  This is an incredibly good buy at $36 a bottle.  $36 is special occasion stuff for me and likely for you, too, but don’t be intimidated.  They offer discounts etc – as outlined here – – so you might be able to get yourself a few bottles for less than the $36 per. Why not consider buying 6 bottles at once and get a break in the price?  Then you have them around for special occasions and even for gifts!

This a terrific, full-bodied red that I could drink with anything I cook, including, contrary to bunkus customs, fish.  While I would call myself a wino, I would not call myself an expert on anything about wine except that I know what I like – and I love this stuff.  The site listed above will probably answer any questions you have better than I can.  I hope you try it out!

PS – Maire & Walt also happen to be behind this little bit of genius:

One thought on “RUA – A Beautiful Red Wine

  1. Thanks for the shout out Christine! I look forward to sharing a bottle or two with you sometime….Maybe we can have an Iron Chef night and eat and drink ourselves silly? I’ll buy the secret ingredient.


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