Breakfast Burrito at The 101 Coffee Shop – Hollywood, California

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Photo © Christine Elise McCarthy 2012

I go to this place often enough that they know my name and what I order without my having to say anything.  I might be a little OCD when it comes to food as I am discovering (as I write this blog) that I tend to stick to one dish and one dish only at each spot I frequent.  My dish here is the breakfast burrito, which contains eggs, beans & cheese.  I order it egg whites only & eschew the sour cream they top it with.  It is served with a dollop of guacamole & two kinds of salsa.  It is generally HUGE & very satisfying!  I also order my regular coffee in the short fat coffee mugs they use for cappuccino because I hate the ones they like to use for regular coffee ( because they remind me of an awful place called Mug-n-Muffin on the east coast.  Those mugs are too small & they depress me.  Hey – we all have our traumas & quirks.  The cup I prefer can be seen in the background of the image above.  I recommend requesting one.

Anyway – the 101 always seems crowded – but not too crowded.  The menu is varied (healthy food, comfort food, breakfast, lunch & dinner) & they even stay open until 2 AM and serve beer & wine!  I have never heard anyone complain about anything they ordered here.   Very good, friendly & very reliable!  And you might even see hung over famous people!  FYI – the mirror above the counter is good for surreptitious people watching.

If you go in the AM – say hi to Danny, the manager!

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